Emily Maynard’s Plastic Surgery Botox Visit For New TV Show?

Emily Maynard’s Plastic Surgery Botox Visit For New TV Show?

The Bachelor and Bachelorette reality television shows need a makeover, don’t they? How many times will we still be privy to dramatic rose ceremonies and “surprised” engagements? None of these reality television showmances ever really work out, but a line of hungry-for-love men and women still queue up for casting every season. The latest rip-snip-and-dip Bachelorette was Emily Maynard, a forlorn lass who tragically lost her fiancée – racing legend Ricky Hendrick – in a plane crash in October of 2004.

Maynard battled her way through several dramatic rose ceremonies, baked drama cookies with the guys, and eventually chose Niall Horan lookalike Jef Holm as the “winner” of the 8th season of the ultra-popular romantic reality television show. Their relationship lasted as long as a nun at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, and the polarizing Maynard disappeared into obscurity. Well, not entirely. She still has about a minute left on the 15 minute fame clock, so media outlets are squeezing the Maynard juice until there’s nothing left.

According to a Wetpaint article, Maynard was spotted exiting a plastic surgeon’s office in her hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina. Her visit to Dr. Peter Capizzi’s office lasted approximately 90 minutes; definitely not long enough for a surgical procedure, but definitely long enough for some Bruce Jenner juice. Dr. Capizzi’s office specializes in Botox, liposuction, and tummy tucks – three of the most valuable and most sought after procedures in the beauty industry. A Botox needle sticking procedure takes about 30 minutes until completion, so add to that another 30 minutes of consultation and  30 minutes of listening to Enya in the waiting room, and we have a Botox winner on our hands.

A little nip-tuck-snip-rip-and-dip never hurt anyone, except Bruce Jenner, but that’s a completely different story of its own. Do you think Maynard popped a needle in her head? Do you think Maynard will lose water from her mouth when she tries to swallow? Do you think she’ll ever be able to smile again? It doesn’t matter really, because Maynard’s final minute of fame is almost up, so who cares if she has a plastic face?

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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