Get A Look Inside Tom Cruise’s House Of Horrors (Photo)

Get A Look Inside Tom Cruise’s House Of Horrors (Photo)

Katie Holmes was essentially a helpless prisoner inside Tom Cruise‘s Church of Scientology inspired house of horrors!  The situation was similar to that in macabre horror film except that this was real life – poor Katie’s real life. Until she got up the courage and mustered the support of lawyers, family, and friends Katie was subjected to abuse, punishments and humiliation as she led a ‘tortured existence.’

Do these revelations surprise you? They shouldn’t because they come from The National Enquirer cover on the July 23rd edition! The Enquirer would have us believe that Katie, whose primary residence has been New York City for the past couple of years, and who lives a privileged and luxurious lifestyle, was forced to suffer abuse at Tom’s hands. The Enquirer promises to expose that ‘The Real Tom Is A Monster.’ I have already suggested that Katie is a famewhore, who married Tom for what he could do for her and nothing I have seen since has changed my mind.

There is not a shred of evidence that Katie is anything other than a dissatisfied wife looking to advance her own career and keep her daughter out of the clutches of Scientology. Not that that is so unusual or strange, but it doesn’t make Tom a monster. Tom is a fanatical Scientologist – something Katie knew perfectly well when she got pregnant and then married him. Let’s not pretend that Katie was somehow trapped by Tom and his evil fellow Scientologists and forced to endure a miserable existence. Tom is crazy, we admit it – while Katie is opportunistic, tired of Tom, and doesn’t want Suri to become a freak like her father – that’s it and that’s all. Ask yourself this question – would YOU have married Tom Cruise and had his baby???

The Enquirer cover also exposes Paula Deen’s Diet Lies – telling us how she really lost 30 pounds. Most celebrity endorsed diets are scams – why would Paula’s be better. It’s not like she is known for her integrity anyway.

In my mind the best story on the cover, and the one that is closest to the truth, is that Bruce Jenner catches wife Kris Jenner hooking up with one of her ex-lovers and throws a hairy canary. Now that I can believe – Kris is a self-proclaimed slut and announced this on Jay Leno – and has a history of cheating on everyone always.

We will explore these stories and others in detail when we pick up our print edition of The National Enquirer. Tune in later in the week for more fun and games.

2 responses to “Get A Look Inside Tom Cruise’s House Of Horrors (Photo)”

  1. Catstyle2002 says:

    Right now I feel very sorry for Tom Cruise who I’ve always found to be very likeable and an extremely good actor.  I quite agree with your assessment of Katie Holmes being a fame whore and hoping that her association with Mr Cruise
    would put her on more of a career in acting.  What a lovely wife she turned out to be, filing for divorce right before his 50th birthday and during the making of his new movie, Oblivion. Mr Cruise makes himself a prime target by being a passionate man in everything he does.  The idea that Ms Holmes could get anything done without the help of her divorce attorney father is laughable.  She states very clearly in her Elle interview that Tom has already had a career for 30 yrs.  and now it’s her turn.
    I hope that Mr Cruise sues the pants off the National Enquirer.
    I’m for TEAM TOM!

  2. Freebird says:

    Obviously both article and comment are Scientology friendly. From experience I can attest that naval younger amen we can often be easily led into what seems like a dream situation and wake up one day on a nightmare and MONEY OR A SO CALLED CHARMED LIFE don’t change that. Your so called dream life can turn into a gilded CAGE. If you’re lucky you have the support of family and or friends to leave. There have been some very well researched documentaries done on Scientology and it’s (very) dark side. Not saying they are alone (hello Catholic priests molesting/ abusing kids) but are among the worst. I’m sure Tom like most celebs will avoid following through the suit to resolution in court to avoid certain information becoming reported through being forced to defend its accusations. But it sounds good to make such a public declaration doesn’t it?