Glee Season 4 Episode 7 “Dynamic Duets” Recap 11/22/12

Glee Season 4 Episode 7 “Dynamic Duets” Recap 11/22/12

Tonight a whole new episode of FOX hit show GLEE airs called ‘Dynamic Duets.’ On tonight’s show a love triangle heats up among Marley, Jake and Ryder, and Blaine has a run-in with the Warblers. Did you watch last week’s episode before the hiatus? We did and we recapped it here for you!

On tonight’s show the Glee cast performs songs from Grease. Rachel and Kurt pay a visit to Lima as the glee club launches its production of “Grease.” Meanwhile, Cassandra July returns to shake things up in Rachel’s life, and Santana comes back to lend a helping hand.

On tonight’s show the 7th episode, titled Dynamic Duets, will be largely based on a playful superhero theme – think X-Men directed by Bruno Tonioli from Dancing with the Stars. The trailer’s intentional cheesiness is eerily reminiscent of the 70’s/80’s action television shows and films. The maturity levels, unfortunately, went completely down and hit the bottom of the childish lake, as the characters became caricatured and lifeless in Ryan Murphy’s attempt at Gleek redemption. Glee has never taken itself seriously, but perhaps it is time that the show moves away from the pointless comedic instances and become what it once was – a show with endearing characters, subtle beauty, and heart wrenchingly realistic issues.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be an emotional episode and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of FOX’s “Glee” at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know if you are enjoying season 5 of Glee, so far! Also check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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Tonight’s recap:  Tonight’s Glee is all about super hero dynamic duos singing duets! Love me some super heroes! And just when I thought it couldn’t get better than Grease!

The Secret Society of Superheroes Club is meeting. Blaine (Night Bird), Tina (Asian Persuasion), Sam (Blond Chameleonaire) and the others are welcoming new members. Artie’s calling himself Dr. Y – power Super Wheelies. He’s bald and in a wheelchair and Blaine warns him of an X-Men copyright infringement issue.

Someone has stolen the Nationals trophy and left a laptop with a message. Ooh! It’s a pixilated Warbler! They tell them they have their trophy and soon they’ll have their trophy! Jake’s hitting on Marly and Ryder steps in and they come to blows. Finn jumps in and Becky in her bee superhero costume says “freeze bitches”!

Finn calls the group to order and welcomes new members Ryder and Kitty. Tina gets bitchy with Finn over letting Kitty join without a vote.

Finn breaks the dry erase marker and starts to lose his thoughts. He says for regionals they’re going to sing Foreigner songs, in foreign languages wearing foreign costumes. Blaine says they need to step up their game now that they’re champs and walks out, saying he’s going to get back the trophy Finn didn’t even notice was gone.

Coach Beiste is the superhero club’s faculty advisor and she’s the “Beast Master.” Finn tells her the kids don’t see him as an adult. Coach tells him to invest in some tights and be their hero!

Blaine comes to confront Sebastian and accuses him of stealing the trophy, but he swears it’s not him. He tells him the Warblers Captain stole it – apparently he stole that from Sebastian! Hunter has a white fluffy cat – Bond villain style. He came to Dalton on a full ride signing scholarship from a military school where he led that school to victory.

Hunter offers to give back the trophy when Blaine rejoins the Warblers. Hunter tells him there’s no reason for him to stay at McKinley now that Kurt’s gone. He lures Blaine into trying on the Dalton blazer again. They tell him McKinley’s win last year was a fluke and they’re going to win and that Blaine should be there with the winners.

Hunter calls for an impromptu song and they break into Kelly Clarkson’s Dark Side with Blaine doing an admirable lead backed by the Warblers. Hunter tells him he’s flawless and Blaine shrugs out of the jacket and tries to give it back. Hunter asks if he’s ready to come back where he belongs and reminds him the New Directions kids call him Blaine Warbler!

Finn comes into glee club in a superhero costume and says they’re going to do Dynamic Duets. He’s the almighty Treble Clef, uniter of glee clubs. He tells them how good the Avengers are as a team and that’s how they need to be.

Jake and Ryder will pair up as will Marly and Kitty for the duets. Kitty tells her she already decided to be Femme Fatale which means “kill women” – Marly mutters “no it doesn’t.”

Ryder says he’s Mega Stud and Jake is not cool with that. They break into R.E.M.’s Superman with a montage of the club trying on hero costumes. Kitty’s not thrilled that Jake and Ryder are fighting over Marly.  They both have on MS costumes “Mega Stud.” The duet abruptly ends with the two in a fist fight.

Finn’s berating them both on stage in the auditorium. He tells them they need to get along. Ryder says Marly deserves better. Jake says he doesn’t know what Marly wants. Finn gives them a Kryptonite lesson – he says they have to go into a room together and tell each other their fears so they can get to know each other.

Blaine comes to see Finn and admits casually that he sang with the Warblers – he compares it to Pyro joining Magneto in X-Men 2. Blaine says the room reminds him of Kurt – that they were a dynamic duo. Blaine says the Warblers are his birth right and his destiny and he walks out.

Marly tells Kitty she can’t do a duet with her – she tells her she can’t wear a head to toe clingy body suit – that she’ll be too self-conscious. Kitty wants to know if Marly’s still throwing up to keep her weight down. Kitty encourages her to keep it up and tells her if she looks fat in her costume, they can cancel. Is Kitty taking that costume in as well?

Sam’s got a jock strap on his face channeling Bane from Batman. Truly gross.

Jake hands Ryder his Kryptonite list. Ryder tells him to man up and just tell him. Jake says he never fits in because he’s half black, half white, half Jewish. He asks Ryder for his Kryptonite and Jake tried to get out of it. Then he admits that he can’t read!!

Kitty’s got her costume on and Marly shows off her WF costume – “Wall Flower.” Kitty tells her she’s going to buy her clothes from now and that she won’t be a wall flower anymore. Seems like Kitty’s being nice, but we know better – Kitty’s got her claws out. The girls break into “Holding Out for a Hero.” Not as good as Bonnie Tyler, but it’s fun. They hug it out when it was done.

Brittany says she doesn’t smell raspberry hair gel and asks where Blaine Warbler is. Finn reveals he’s finishing out the year at Dalton and has rejoined the Warblers. Kurt laments that Blaine has gone to the dark side…

Jake tells Finn that Ryder can’t read and Finn brings him in to meet with a special education counselor. Ryder’s hurt that Jake told him, but Finn begs him to stay and try to figure it out. The counselor gives him some tests. He asks her if he’s stupid and she tells him she’s actually very smart. Turns out, he’s dyslexic.

Ryder tells Finn he has a real secret identity – that no one knows who he is on the inside. He said they always told him to focus or try harder, but on the inside, he knew he was just stupid. His dad’s a PhD and he knows how disappointed he’ll be. He says it’s been a secret his whole life. Finn tells him he can put it down – it’s just that his brain works a little differently. Ryder says they’ve got him in a plan and thanks Finn – says he owes him. Finn says he owes Jake.

Jake’s making nice chitchat with Marly’s mom when a couple of the jocks insult Mrs. Rose and start ragging on Jake, calling him Kosher Cappuccino. Ryder steps in to take up for him, so do Artie and Becky. The jocks back down. Ryder tells him he’s got his back.

Puckerman’s out in LA dressed up as the “Pucker Man.” He gets a call from little bro Jake. He calls him his “Half Bro with the Afro.” Jake needs advice about a girl. He tells him he blew it with a girl and wants to get with her, but the guy she’s into is actually a decent guy. Puck tells him to play it cool, play nice and let her come to him. He tells him not to be a dick and to not give up.

Blaine’s cleaning out his locker and Sam confronts him. Sam tells him going back to Dalton is punishing himself about Kurt. He asks him exactly what he did. Looks like he met a guy online and fooled around with him a little. He said he did it because he felt like Kurt was moving on with his life without him. He tells him he knew it was a mistake and that he was meant to be with Kurt.

Sam tells him he needs to forgive himself even if Kurt won’t forgive him. Blaine tells him he just wants to stop feeling like a bad person. Sam asks Blaine to give him one day to show him he belongs at McKinley.

In the auditorium, Sam plays and sings David Bowie’s “Heroes” and Blaine sings alongside over a montage of the kids cleaning up graffiti and volunteering at a community center. They all frolic and splash paint around gleefully (pun intended). Sam asks Blaine for a decision and he says he has one last mission. They steal the trophy from Dalton in their super hero disguises!

Ryder breaks a date with Marly because he’s got to study and has to go to bed early to see the dyslexia specialist early Saturday morning. They reschedule for next week. Kitty tells her that sounded like the beginning of the end and makes some more barbs about Marly’s weight. Marly’s frustrated and says she’s not going to sit home Friday night now that she’s a super hero and goes to ask Jake out who’s surprised and agrees.

Sam and Blaine retell their epic trophy recovery tale. Blaine says they’ve got what they need to win including an epic leader and the group cheers Finn. The kids gift Finn with a super hero utility belt with dry erase markers, antacids, Britney’s panties and a treble clef pin – to remind him he’s the Almighty Treble Clef – uniter of glee clubs and friends.

The kids huddle up and Finn said they’re going to kick the Warbler’s asses at next week’s sectionals. The group does Fun’s “Some Nights” – that song is so cute – I still prefer “We Are Young” but that one’s growing on me.