GLOBE: Kate Middleton and The Royals Order Prince Charles To Divorce Camilla Parker-Bowles

GLOBE: Kate Middleton and The Royals Order Prince Charles To Divorce Camilla Parker-Bowles

It seems that cruel Camilla Parker-Bowles has pushed one too many Royal buttons and is on the way out!  With all the scandal surrounding the Royal Family lately the last thing Queen Elizabeth, Kate Middleton, Prince William, and other senior royals need is trouble from within the fold.  GLOBE reports on this week’s cover of the October 29th print edition that Prince Charles has been ordered to finally divorce Camilla – and nobody except Camilla is disappointed.

Camilla has waged a long-running battle to undermine the lovely Duchess of Cambridge and hasn’t backed off despite Kate’s unfortunate topless and bottomless exposure all over the Internet.  Prince Charles’ booze-hound of a wife has envied Kate her youth and beauty while simultaneously fearing that Queen Elizabeth might change her mind and give the throne to William instead of Charles.  As GLOBE has reported in the past, this double trouble has driven crazy Camilla to attack Kate personally with horrific barbs, rude visits, and abusive phone calls. Camilla has used everything ranging from Kate’s commoner background to her bikini-clad honeymoon photo scandal, and finally the nude sunbathing in France to bring Kate down. In the print edition of GLOBE we will learn about Camilla’s fate and how another divorce will affect Charles’ already sullied reputation.

GLOBE also highlights this week’s cover with two more divorce shockers.  We learn that Rhea Perlman is blaming perma-bachelor and womanizing wolf George Clooney for her separation and impending divorce from Danny DeVito!  What did George do?

Even more startling are Bill Clinton’s pleas for Hillary Clinton not to divorce him.  What a divorce that would be.  Bill can rest assured that regardless of how much Hillary may hate him she won’t be filing her divorce before the November elections!

Also featured on GLOBE’s cover is Debbie Reynolds’ hospital drama – all the details are covered in this week’s print edition.

We also learn that recently deceased NFL legend and talented actor Alex Karras hated Webster!  OMG can you believe it?  Who could possibly hate that cute little kid?  Nevertheless, GLOBE exposes the secret that Alex took to his grave.

Tragically we learn that NASCAR icon Dale Earnhardt Jr. will never race again due to brain injuries suffered in his terrifying crash.  What an awful loss to the sport and his millions of fans.

Once again we see that GLOBE tops the list this week with the best stories!  Being fanatical about the British Royal Family I’m just dying to read my copy of the October 29th issue of GLOBE to find out exactly how they are finally going to get rid of nasty Camilla.  One thing I know is that Camilla is as tough and nasty as a wrinkly old Rhino and she won’t go down without a bitter fight.  I’m also excited to learn exactly how Clooney busted up a marriage that had survived over 30 years in Hollywood.  Leave it to Globe to get right at the most pressing issues and dig out the truth for their readers.  When I sit down with my copy of this week’s GLOBE I know I’ll entertained and enlightened – nothing makes my week quite like the GLOBE.

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  • keri12

    What an incredibly stupid article. Why on earth would any sane person believe such absurdly silly crap? I dare anyone reading this article to actually take it seriously, and actually wait for a divorce announcement from BP or Clarence House.

    You’d be waiting from now until doomsday if you did, and more fool you for believing fantastical rubbish like this in the first place. Sane people know better than to pay any attention to made up stories that come from a fifth-rate rag like that Globe magazine. The rag doesn’t even have any credibility in the U.S., let alone outside of it’s own country!

  • susan

    It is the best news ever, if Prince Charles, devorces the Rottweiler Parker – Bowles, just sad that Princess Dianna did not live to see how the Rottweiler bitch leaves,

  • Daniel

    If this article is true, then it is good to see that the royals are sticking behind Kate after the recent scandal. You can understand why Camilla would see her as a threat, but you had to feel quite bad for Kate when the nude pictures of her came out.

  • keri12

    The Globe is a minor american supermarket gossip rag with no media clout; the stories published in it are fun to read, but they’re made-up to sell papers.

    Only people who have difficulty telling the difference between fantasy and reality would actually believe anything written there.
    So read the stories and enjoy them for the make-believe they are, but for heaven’s sake don’t confuse them with reality or real life!

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  • Stephany Fofano

    yes Finally the witch Camilla is out of the Castle=]