GLOBE: Topless Kate Middleton ‘Will Never Be Queen Now’ Says Camilla Parker-Bowles

GLOBE: Topless Kate Middleton ‘Will Never Be Queen Now’ Says Camilla Parker-Bowles

Kate Middleton and Camilla Parker-Bowles are not palace pals.  Prince Charles’ wife sees lovely Kate and charming Prince William as threats in many respects.  Kate and Will are vastly more popular with the British public than Camilla and Charles due to the scandals and shame the elderly couple have brought on themselves over the years. Recall that Camilla and Charles had a raging and lengthy adulterous affair while Charles was still very much married to William’s late mom, Princess Diana. Camilla fears that Queen Elizabeth II will change her mind and give the throne to her grandson and Kate. Of course this would be a GREAT idea however it would violate the customary line of succession.    Camilla also harbors great jealousy of Kate’s youth and beauty and as GLOBE reported recently resents Kate referring to her as ‘a wrinkly ugly old rhino.’

Now that Kate’s topless nudes are published in several magazines and available online Camilla hopes that the ensuing scandal will bury any possibility of Elizabeth allowing the Duchess of Cambridge to be the next Queen of England.  Of course GLOBE elaborates on the entire scandal in great detail in their October 1st print edition out this week.   One thing you can count on is that Camilla will make the most of Kate’s topless sunbathing exposure.  After all, royals of her generation do not go topless when they are outdoors!  In fact it is doubtful that Camilla even gets undressed around Charles any longer, given that he has been trying to escape her and her nasty madness for the past several years.

This week’s GLOBE cover tells of Andy Williams’ losing battle with cancer.  Apparently Andy has been forced to cancel this year’s much anticipated Christmas Show.  We wish Andy every chance at beating this horrible disease.  Andy is a classic entertainer, a true icon who has brought so much joy to so many fans throughout his stellar career.

GLOBE also reports on the cover that Michael Jackson’s mom, Katherine Jackson is done with her cheating scoundrel of a husband, Joe Jackson!  Apparently his latest affair, this one with sexy Indonesian 33-year-old Lavinia Iskander is driving Katherine to file for divorce.

We also get an insider’s view of murderer Scott Peterson’s life behind bars in this week’s GLOBE  – let me tell you, it is nothing nice.

There are other truly shocking scandals reported in this week’s hot issue of GLOBE but we prefer to let you discover them for yourself when you dig into your copy of the October 1st print edition.  We assure you that what you will learn when you read GLOBE this week will convince you that GLOBE stands alone as the bravest and most reliable source of breaking news available today.  In GLOBE I get to learn things that no other journal has the temerity and investigative spirit to publish!

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8 responses to “GLOBE: Topless Kate Middleton ‘Will Never Be Queen Now’ Says Camilla Parker-Bowles”

  1. ann says:

    youth? beauty?
    too funny

  2. If this comment really has been made by Camilla- (aka Horse face in this house) she is less likely to be queen- honestly, who does she thinks he is? After all those of us with memories know her as the adulteress with whom Charles broke his wedding vows, before he even made them. Quite frankly I don’t want them, I’d rather the monarchy was abolished when Elizabeth dies. If we could skip straight to Will and Kte, I’d say yes please, and HOORAY!

  3. Jae says:

    Everyone should already know that Camilla will NEVER be Queen. It has already been stated (upon agreement with the Queen when she allowed them to marry) that if and when Chales asends to the throne as king that Camilla will be known as the Princess Consort, a lower rank then Queen. So her not wanting Kate to be Queen makes no sense as it’s a position Camilla will never attain.

    • Farmacia says:

      Kate Middleton will ALSO be titled queen ‘consort’.
      Yes, you’re right! queen consort is a much lower rank than Queen REGNANT.
      To be ‘ Queen REGNANT( without the ‘consort’ to accompany the title) you must be born with royal blood .
      Diana would had also been queen ‘consort’.
      Kate will NEVER be ‘Queen’ without the ‘consort attached to it.
      ALL women that are married to royal blooded Kings are: queen *consorts*.
      ALL men that are married to a royal blooded Queen are: ‘Consort of the Queen *Regnant*’.Like Prince Phillip .
      H.M. Elizabeth II is QUEEN REGNANT
      Kate will be ‘queen CONSORT’.
      She will never, EVER be QUEEN REGNANT as Elizabeth the II.
      I hope I have clarified this for you.
      Regnant is LATIN for: ‘reign’.

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  5. […] GLOBE explains in their exclusive report in  this week’s October 1 print edition why Katherine has arrived at the long overdue decision to divorce Joe.  Joe has hooked up with 33 year-old Lavinia Iskander and is embarrassing the hell out of the Jackson Family matriarch.  But even worse, loose Lavinia is MARRIED to Majestik Magnificent one of poor Michael’s best pals!   So not only is jerky Joe unapologetically cheating on Michael’s mom, but he is fooling around with the wife of his late son’s buddy.  How low can you go? […]

  6. i don’t care all This LIARRRRRRRRRRRR

  7. […] GLOBE reports in the October 1st Print Edition that an already mortified Kate broke down in tears after Camilla launched a blistering attack upon her.  An insider claims that a tipsy Camilla hollered at Kate over the phone: “You’ve just proved you’re nothing but a commoner! Her Majesty will never forgive you.  Now you’ll NEVER be Queen!” […]