Harry Styles Misses Flight To Taylor Swift To Stay And Party In UK

 Harry Styles Misses Flight To Taylor Swift To Stay And Party In UK

What is it with Taylor Swift and her obsessive smothering behavior? It’s no wonder she’s a serial dater who can’t hold down a man. She seems like a sweet enough girl, but how much clinginess can a guy take? Her latest love Harry Styles seems to have reached his limit today when he blew off a flight back to the US. The One Direction hottie was due to leave on an 11:15 flight this morning out of London’s Heathrow airport but got to the gate and claimed he’d “accidentally” left his passport behind at his home hours away in Cheshire. Sure, that sounds legit…

Who leaves their house headed to an international flight without making sure they’ve got their ticket, flight info, passport and ID? Answer – no one – unless you’re trying to postpone seeing your uber-clingy new girlfriend for a few extra hours. Harry may be enjoying the additional spotlight and publicity that being with Taylor brings, but he may not be enjoying her lovey-dovey intensity. The country crossover good girl is “in love” every other month with a new guy.

The list of A-list Hollywood actors and rock n’ roll stars she’s left in her wake is like a who’s who of famous under 30’s (and a few over). She falls in and out of love like Lindsay falls in and out of jail. It’s pretty easy to understand why he might want a few hours more away from his lady love since she’s getting way serious this early on. She’s already house hunting for a pad in the UK near Harry – deja vu on her purchase this summer near the Kennedy compound. If it doesn’t work out with these guys, at least she’s getting some first class real estate.

But back to the passport bungle. Harry claims he “forgot” it and had a courier take their time going to get it and bringing it back to the airport. Meanwhile, Harry hung out with his pals, had lunch, shopped and enjoyed his Taylor-free day. At some point the “lost” passport made its way to Harry and he headed back to the gate at Heathrow and finally (and perhaps reluctantly) headed to the states to spend New Years with Taylor in New York City. She’s appearing on what was once Dick Clark‘s New Years Rocking Eve – which will this year be passed on to Ryan Seacrest. Maybe he wants the camera time – I’m sure he’ll get plenty of publicity in the Big Apple – even if he’s got to put up with Taylor to get the good press…

Perhaps it’s Taylor’s instantly obsessive behavior that had Harry forgetting his passport or maybe it’s tabloid tails of marriage that have him back-pedaling. Us Weekly reports that an “insider” told them: “Harry is totally in love. I can see them getting married in a week, just going for it.Remember we reported a couple of days ago that Taylor’s already pining to have a little Styles baby in her oven? That’s a lot of pressure for an 18 year old boy that’s only been famous for a year or two and is still figuring himself out.

She’s 23 and at the rate she burns through life, it’s believable that she’s thinking weddings and babies, but seriously – her last boyfriend was still in high school… If she wants to settle down, she needs to up the age range of her dating pool and at least latch on to someone her own age…

It’s no wonder Harry bailed on his earlier flight to the states – eight more hours in London means eight less hours without Taylor mooning over him while discreetly leafing through Modern Bride and simultaneously working on her baby registry. Most men would have put their passport through the shredder before they’d submit to that brand of crazy in love. I give them six more weeks – he’s got to be eyeing the door already. I just hope whatever song she writes about him isn’t too harsh!

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  1. Yu Tian says:

    Total trash.Just a rewrite of every rumour out there that’s written. Why would Taylor want babies now? She has a tour planned for the next year in the US then will go on a World tour after the US. Come on.