Ian Somerhalder and Emma Watson Fifty Shades of Grey New Trailer (Video)

Ian Somerhalder and Emma Watson Fifty Shades of Grey New Trailer (Video)

Due to popular appeal, Celeb Dirty Laundry is bringing you a new Fifty Shades of Grey trailer with more chutzpah and sparkles (it’s not Robert Pattinson) this time around! The video was discovered on our doorstep with a note saying ‘post me.’  This trailer uses as little literal imagery as possible in order to deviate from the heavy handedness of most trailers. This one uses much softer imagery and a focus on editing and soundtrack to convey the emotion of the super popular sexual trilogy.

The latest video opens with a quote, which then immediately leads to several short bursts of imagery. It is very important, especially in the case of such a heavy future film, to not show the exact imagery, but to rather allude to the scenes in the film, especially for the imaginative types out there who like to create the imagery in their minds. This trailer has more of a surrealistic appeal, focusing more on the aesthetic than the whole.

Emma Watson and Ian Somerhalder are cast in this faux project, which makes sense since they are currently the front runners for the roles of  Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey. Inspiration must have been drawn from Lost Highway by David Lynch and some scenes appear to be directly taken from Vampire Diaries season three. The epic soundtrack could be by a lesser known group called Escala, who were contestants on Britain’s Got Talent quite a few years ago.

Let us know in the comments below if this is who you see as Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. Your thoughts are always welcome and remember, pop over to our Youtube page for upcoming short film releases!

Ian Somerhalder and Emma Watson Fifty Shades of Grey New Trailer

  • AMY


    • I think both would be good canidates for the role whom ever is chosen I can’t wait to see the trilogy wass awsome

  • Cher

    This presentation is so hot, perfect, with Ian he could do the whole movie with his eyes and nothing else. . .that’s the kind of dynamic this piece of work calls for. . .I am confident E.L. James will have the final say and make sure it’s not just another pretty face telling this story. . .If I am reading her words, right, the way she describes Christian Grey the only thing Ian might need is a few messy golden curls of hair. . .now that it hot!!!!!!! I am not sure about Anastasia Steele yet. . .

  • youdiscustme

    Boo! He’s suppose to have grey eyes and red hair and not only that but Anna is suppose to have blue eyes. So don’t wanna watch this . I think ill stick to the books

  • Sherry

    No way to both!!!! I couldn’t even finish the trailer so certainly wouldn’t want to see a whole film with them!! Neither has the looks that the roles require!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stephanie

    No. no namers!

  • Mary Lou

    Ian is perfect for the role of Christian!!
    Lucy Hale is not my fav for Ana~ Alexis Bledel would do great!

  • jackie

    I can’t imagine this book in a movie, the best parts will be edited. I would like to see a version from vivid entertainment as well. I don’t kno this ian, but he does look good. Has to change the hair color tho.

  • Mona Delosh

    Sorry but when I read the book I didn’t see either one of them. Don’t get me wrong Ian offs hot just not Mr Gray, and she will always be the smart girl from HarryPotter.

  • orlaith

    Absolute crap,dont see either of them for those rols

  • Sarah

    I think Ian is the best person to play this but Emma isn’t the type to look like the character for Ana.

  • Sarah

    I think Ian is the best person to play Christian but not to keen on Emma playing Ana.

  • That was Nina dobrevs eye, lol

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  • kinky Ana

    I love the video. Not sure about her as Ana but the video itself is INCREDIBLE!! It shows a little so it makes you anticipate what the movie will show and his eyes ….ahh that’s exactly what we’ve been saying. He can say so much with just his eyes. I can see him really looking at Ana like that and his eyes saying how much he wants her and has kinky wicked plans for her and she looked so innocent and nervous. This is so well put together good job! Oh and perfect choice because you can’t spell Christian without IAN.

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  • Isobel

    Emma has stated she hasn’t been asked to audition for fifty shades and I don’t think she’ll be interested.

  • Susy

    IAN IS PERFECT FOR THE ROLE!!!! He would make the best Christian Grey! He is soo sexy!!!

  • Kirsty Buckland

    I reckon Ian would make a great Christian! His eyes say so much and he’s hot,hot hot!!!

  • željka

    Ian is perfect for Christian but I”m not sure for Emma.

  • SapphireLUnar

    I dont know about you guys but i think Emma would fit perfectly

  • Georgia-Greece

    No!!no!!no!!I like Ian as Damon..Christian should be looking different..I’ve pictured him more like the actor who’sstarring at arrow!!!!!!!!