It’s Official: Rihanna And Chris Brown Back Together

It's Official: Rihanna And Chris Brown Back Together 0623

It’s been over three years since Chris Brown pummeled Rihanna’s face like it was a punching bag, but it seems the pop star is finally ready to disregard everything she’s heard from friends, family, and the media and give the volatile rapper another shot.

Sources told that Chris and Rihanna are seeing each other again and sneaking around all over the country so that the media doesn’t find out and the backlash doesn’t occur – because it most definitely will.

But Rihanna isn’t keeping her excitement that secret. The Rude Boy singer has an unhealthy preoccupation with posting every picture she’s ever taken on Twitter and Instagram, and just past Wednesday posted a message that caused some to scratch their heads with wonder. “You see, two days ago – Rih teeted a pic of her wearing CHRIS CHAIN . . and asking ‘Were Have You Been,'” MediaTakeOut reported. “Chris responded, by ‘liking’ that pic.”

Now I think trying to decipher Rihanna’s tweets is like trying to understand what comes out of an Irish gypsy’s mouth, but let’s go with it.

Rihanna’s angered many in the past by not breaking off all communication with Chris after the beating. She continued to talk to him, be seen with him, work with him, and remarkably, defend him.

I’m totally not surprised by this announcement. Chris was recently in a bloody brawl with Rihanna’s ex, Drake and it just came out that he’s been cheating on girlfriend, Karrueche Tran. Was Rihanna the other woman?

I have conflicting opinions about this. One, is that if Chris has worked on his anger and redeemed himself in Rihanna’s eyes then it is nobody’s business if they want to be together again. I have major misgivings that he has indeed done those things, as evidenced by the recent fight, but if she thinks he’s rehabilitated, then fine. It’s unfortunate that the whole world will have an opinion on their relationship.

On the other hand I want to smack Rihanna and give her a “Bitch please!” Chris’s indulged temper is horrible and he didn’t just hit her the one time! She’s a beautiful, young, talented star and he’s a whiny punk.

But that’s it. I’ve given my two cents. How about you? Were you surprised the two made it official again and do you think Rihanna’s just setting herself up for more heartache?

Photo Credit:  ANG/ Fame Pictures