Breaking News: Jail Time For Chris Brown? Court Hearing Determines Woman Beater’s Status

Breaking News: Jail Time For Chris Brown? Court Hearing Determines Woman Beater’s Status

Will Chris Brown go to jail?  Brown is in court today to provide a progress report on his probation for his felony assault conviction. The cowardly bully was sentenced back in August 2009 to five years of probation and more than 1,400 hours of ‘labor-oriented service’ for beating up Rihanna, his girlfriend at the time. Brown was arrested after beating Rihanna inside a rented Lamborghini on a Hollywood street on February 8, 2009.

Brown’s conviction for the February 2009 beating came on the heels of plenty of previous violence against Rihanna on his part.  A probation report says the couple were involved in at least two other domestic violence incidents before the February assault.  Brown is a serial woman beater.

TMZ lays the details of today’s hearing out for us as they live blog the hearing: It’s put up or shut up today for Chris Brown — who’s expected to show his face inside an L.A. courtroom any moment for a progress report hearing in his felony assault case … and his community service hours are a huge point of contention.

Brown had been ordered to complete six months of community service following his felony assault conviction — in the form of roadside cleanup, graffiti removal, and other manual labor — and earlier this year, his lawyer claimed the singer had already completed half of the sentence.

But the prosecutor was skeptical and demanded detailed records of Brown’s service hours — which Brown’s lawyer will likely address today in court.

Brown still has two more years left of probation, during which he’s required to obey ALL laws.

The hearing’s scheduled to begin at 3PM PST.

Since that time Brown has been involved in several violent and brutal incidents proving that he is remains a dangerous bum and a danger to society.  Unless Brown is assaulting a woman he goes nowhere without a hired bunch of hoodlums masquerading as his bodyguards. Only last week Brown, his friends, and his gang of bodyguards were involved in an incident at Subway where they bullied helpless old people and attempted to assault a good Samaritan who was decent enough to intercede.

Let’s see if Brown’s big-money lawyer can keep the sociopath out of jail and free to continue to be a cowardly bully harming others.  Are you a fan of Chris Brown?  I guess you can tell that I’m not.

Whoops, he isn’t going to jail today.  The hearing was joke – a travesty of justice. Probation and the judge demand details of his actual work oriented activity.  It seems that the reports are incomplete.  Brown failed his Virginia drug test – and the judge laughed it off even though she admitted that by asking to be located in Virginia Chris was bound BY LAW to follow Virginia law!!??!! She is a California judge and she just doesn’t care.  Brown had a Cali medical marijuana card which has no legal weight at all in Virginia. She does not revoke Brown’s probation even though he violated the law in Virginia.  WTF? Money talks – another fine example of celebrity justice at work.


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