Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers Separate and Divorce – Twitter

Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers Separate and Divorce - Twitter

What is it with the girls that MTV hires for their docudrama, Teen Mom?  They first appear on television as confused, messed up girls that could feasibly be your neighbor and by the end of filming they are bonafide train wrecks with a baby to take care.  It is truly hard to figure out which star is the worst but clearly laying at the bottom of the Teen Mom barrel (with a few others) is Jenelle Evans.  She lost custody of her son, Jace and has yet to even try to get him back, but she likes to Tweet about all the reasons why he comes first in her life, you know, when she takes time out of her busy life to see him.

She also burns through men. Each new guy is the man of her dreams until he steals her drugs or posts naked photos of her on Twitter, something. It’s always something dramatic and then Jenelle hops to a new guy. She just recently married Courtland Rogers and of course their relationship has been one big Twitter love fest, until last night when apparently Jenelle lied to him and returned to her usual shady ways.

Jenelle tweeted that she was sleeping at her mom’s at about the same time that Courtland tweeted that they were home together. He woken to find her gone and that’s when it got ugly. Jenelle likes to share all of her dirty life secrets because she seems to think that being a reality star means that everyone needs to know all of your business, period. So she posted this,

I just want to let everyone know that it is my fault that Courtland and I are going to get a divorce because I left last night at 3 am to go hang out with his worst enemy and left him home sleeping and worried. Now I got broke up with and I don’t even care cause o well right??

This girl is a serious bag of nuts. Not to mention way too immature to be a wife. How long do you think this marriage will last before one of them really files for divorce? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Image Credit: Twitter