Jennifer Aniston Breaks Down In Tears Over Angelina Jolie’s Engagement To Brad Pitt (POLL)

Jennifer Aniston Breaks Down In Tears Over Angelina Jolie’s Engagement To Brad Pitt (POLL)

A devastated Jennifer Aniston literally collapsed on the ground in tears when she found out that Brad Pitt proposed to her hated rival, Angelina Jolie.  Brad was decent enough to call Jen and let her know that he had proposed to Angelina and that she had accepted before the public announcement.  Although Brad wanted to spare Jen’s feelings the news broke her heart instead – reminding her of how Brad had heartlessly cheated with Angelina and abandoned her.

Now Jen has to live with the fact that Angelina makes Brad happy whereas she could not.  Jen goes from failed relationship to failed relationship while Brad and Angelina just get closer and happier.

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The Nation Enquirer Print Edition, April 30th reports:  Jennifer Aniston collapsed when Brad Pitt called her to break the news that he is marrying Angelina Jolie, sources say.   “Brad called Jen the first week of April to tip her off about the engagement,” revealed the source close to the 43-year-old “Friends” star.  Brad said, “I wanted you to hear it first for me. I asked Angelina to marry me and she said yes.”

“The news hit her like a ton of bricks. Jen never actually believe that Brad would actually marry Angie.

”Even though she was in a state of shock, she didn’t want to let Brad know how heartbroken she was. But as soon as they got off the phone, Jen burst into tears and collapsed! She just sank to the ground in a heap.”

The Emmy-winning beauty met Brad a blind date set up by their agents in May 1998 the two tied the knot in a star-studded million-dollar extravaganza at an Oceanside estate in Malibu on July 29, 2000.

They were Hollywood’s ultimate golden couple until Brad, 48 and Angelina flipped for each other while filming the action thriller” Mr. and Mrs. Smith.” Jen filed for divorce in March 2005, and the split was finalized several months later.

So it looks as though all the PR hype we heard about Jen being ‘so happy’ for Angelina was just a crock.  Jen might have been happy if Angelina fell off the face of the Earth but she was not happy to learn that the woman who stole the man who was her husband would now be marrying him.  Let us know what you think in the poll.

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11 responses to “Jennifer Aniston Breaks Down In Tears Over Angelina Jolie’s Engagement To Brad Pitt (POLL)”

  1. A Few Goody Gumdrops says:

    I love your stories! As far as I’m concerned Angelina will never measure up to Jen! Karma is a bitch… watch out Angie!

    • Deehunny99 says:

       dude, she homewrecked justin from heidi.  team angie all the way

      • Sallyann says:

        Angelina stole Brad from Jen and quite a few others as well. Jen doesnt self harm starve for attention nor wear blood viols nor did she sleep with her own mother’s boyfriend. Nor will Jen use her kids for PR like that other female does. Nor will jen have relationships with most of Hollywood including women. that other one is trying to sabotage Jen’s wedding that is how revolting she is.Molie is in tears uintil she gets exactly what she wants then she is all smiles.

  2. guest says:

    You are so bitter. 

  3. Brad and Jen is a couple made in heaven. Angie is a mistake, a big one. I wish Brad would wake up from that long dream and go back to Jen….

    • Sallyann says:

      Jen wouldnt have Pitt now look how terrible and unclean he looks. They dont even have good hygiene with their kids either. They are allowed to bath whenever they like every five days an no washing their hands after going to the toilet and no cleaning their teeth. What disgusting parents they make. Jen will be a much better parent than that other witch is.

  4. Angelina is a home wrecker as it is. She stole Brad Pitt as if he was a single male. She know better not to mess around with marry men that is her co-star. SHE IS A HOME WRECKER OF A LIFE TIME.  

  5. Xsmeyers says:

    Well it’s not like Mr Pitt is faultless in this, it’s always 50/50. If he was into his wife he wouldn’t have fallen in love with another woman. Jennifer Aniston is way to old for this.

  6. delicious says:

    guys move on! home wrecker or not its none of your damn business. is JA a saint? or AJ? or BP? they are both players so stop bitching about AJ. 

  7. star says:

    This story has to be false, Jen is with Justin now. However, maybe finnaly said yes to Justin because Brad told her he was marrying Angie. I heard that Justin proposed several times to Jen and she finnaly accepted after Brad and Angie announced their engagement but they are already legally married anyway, I heard.