Jennifer Aniston Offers Millions Of Dollars To Marry Justin Theroux

Jennifer Aniston Offers Millions Of Dollars To Marry Justin Theroux

We would never suggest that Jennifer Ansiton is desperate to be happily married but she does seem to be willing to part with $75 million, or more, if Justin Theroux gets the job done.  A source has revealed that Jennifer wants to move ahead with her wedding to Justin without a prenuptial agreement.  According to Forbes magazine Jennifer has a net worth of $150 million.  Without a prenup in place, when she and Justin marry, her new husband could be entitled to up to one-half of her wealth should the marriage end in divorce.  And with Jen’s knack for losing men faster than Charlie Sheen loses his sobriety she’ll be lucky if her marriage lasts very long at all.

A friend close to Jennifer revealed:  ‘There’s no prenup. That tells you something, doesn’t it?  It’s the real deal.  She believes in their love so fully that you can’t convince her otherwise.’  But Jen’s friends are cautious – while delighted that she has at last found love they are ‘keeping a protective eye on her business side,’ according to the insider.  What does that mean exactly?  Does it mean that Jen’s friends are afraid that Justin might be gold digger?

OK! Magazine Print Edition, September 3rd claims to have inside sources who know all the details of Jennifer and Justin’s plans.  A source tells OK!: “Jen is a hopeless romantic , so money is the last thing on her mind now.  The way she sees it, Justin is her soul mate, and she trusts him implicitly with every aspect of her life – including her finances.”  This is sort of hysterical isn’t it?  After all, Heidi Bivens also thought that Justin was her soul mate – and look how that turned out.

If Justin marries Jen in California, then even without a prenup, he can’t put his hands on the assets she has when they marry in the event of divorce.  However, under Cali law, Justin can still bag one-half of Jennifer’s earnings during their marriage when if they split up.  Of course Justin doesn’t seem like the type who’s in it for the money, does he?

Since Justin hooked up with Jen his earning power has multiplied many times over – now he gets several million per movie and the offers are pouring in.  Justin dumped poor Heidi abruptly after being with her for 14 years!  Heidi is obviously much more attractive and charming than plastic Jennifer.  But while with Heidi Justin’s earning power was relatively feeble – now he is a big shot riding in on Jen’s broomstick.   What a hero…

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  • jessie

    you’re insinuating that justin is bought by jennifer .. is he that jerk? just because he is earning less doesn’t mean to say that he dumped his former girlfriend because of money? is that why he wanted to marry jen whom you think and most haters thought couldn’t hold a man and many negative things? jen may not be perfect but i believe she is a warm and sincere person… she has friends during the time when she’s happy till down moment of her life and during her celebrity years… does that not mean something? i won’t judge justin and jen’s relationship … which most were saying she will be dump and be brokenhearted again and again after what she has gone through….

  • JJ

    I believe she is paying him that’s why he walked out on his 15 year relationship with Heidi Bivens. Jen is really gotten very desperate. She has been shopping him in the media to she what everyone think and she is accepting this image. A real man would not be pushed around by her. She has no choice because the triangle game is too old to play and her acting can’t stand on its on.

  • fatal

    the more twisted it ends the better for Justin-he has gotten his name on the A-list with the media and the pappo and that will only intensify the drama that ensues-he has caught the gravy train and now for the icing-a no pre-nup marriage to Anustain-Justin has perfect timing on this-this has got to be the greaest lonely hearts con job of the centurycomplete with heidi waiting patiently for the windfall-seriously who doesn’t think that in 2 years Justin will be 75 mil richer and back with Heidi-they just can’t get busted cheating together until the divorce is final

    • emelb

      you’re sick

    • You have hit the nail on the head.

  • enough

    ridiculous article overjoy – anything to get attention

  • Jennifer is losing her mind. If she goes forward without a prenup can someone declare her incompetent?

  • montecito98

    I wish Jen the best in any event….but I do smell a rat re:her association with Justin Theroux….he even looks like one…..
    a rat that is….I hope he’s not ! Time will tell……..

  • David Tulee

    Jen is too trusting and needs to come to the reality of the Facts. 1. Heidi Bivens was a long time 14 years love. 2. Theroux all of a sudden wants to Marry Jen. only after a few months of Sex… but after 14 years of Sex Theroux did NOT MARRY Bivens. Who is Younger and more Vital…but NOT as RICH as Aniston… All Of a Sudden Theroux Desperately Falls in LOVE with Aniston after a Movie??? Gold Digger is a RED Flag… Be Aware Jen… Gold Diggers will TELL You What You WANT To Hear… and treat you like you are the World. In California He will Get HALF of 150 Million of Jens Fame and Fortune… Wake Up Jen… Hello… Stop Thinking with Your Other HEAD… if Ya Know What I mean…. Hello Wake Up…

  • fleicia

    Jennifer don’t be dickmatized get a pre nup stupid
    She better follow jude judy advice when it come to these scheming demons her money going by by with justin theroyx