See Jennifer Aniston Pregnant Showing Baby Bump – Ready for Oscar Red Carpet Display (Photos)

Jennifer Aniston Pregnant Showing Baby Bump – Ready for Oscar Red Carpet Display (Photos)

If you believe the latest tabloid tea leaves, Jennifer Aniston is finally pregnant. There have been pictures of the Friends star wearing loose fitting clothes and there haven’t been the weekly denials from Team Aniston about her being knocked up. Before Kate Middleton and her womb became a national pastime, it was Jen’s uterus that had eyes fixated on an abdomen.

While Angelina Jolie kept adding to the Brangelina bunch, Jen remained without a child to sell the baby photos to the highest bidder. But at long last, just when Jen had been dethroned from her perch atop the tabloid fixture because of the impending British messiah, she and fiancé Justin Theroux may have more than just wedding invitations to send out. They could be having guests over for their baby shower and arranging deals with PEOPLE magazine to capture the private moments.

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At the moment, Jen may not be far along in her pregnancy to make any announcements through her publicist or coyly deny the way Jessica Simpson has her latest gut full of human. There’s also the matter that Kate has stolen every other pregnant woman’s thunder for the rest of the year. Given that Jen has mastered the art of PR, she will hold off on any magazine spreads until the start of 2013, lest her bundle of joy be met with just a glance when all eyes are still on the Duchess of Cambridge. Rachel Green will not be overshadowed again by another brunette.

The New Year should be a reset of fresh new tabloid fodder. That is until Kate gives birth and the obsession with her progeny begins anew, but at that point, Jen could have already staged a media coup. She could arrive on the Oscar red carpet with her baby bump in full view a la Beyoncé. She could have the spotlight all to herself. Unless of course Angelina appears with a gold band on her finger courtesy of Brad Pitt; spiting one’s rival has a way of hastening a walk down the aisle. Let’s all just hope that Jen has a healthy pregnancy and her opportunity to be great.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet