Jennifer Aniston Suffers From Saggy Breasts – Is She Pregnant? (Photos)

Jennifer Aniston Suffers From Saggy Breasts – Is She Pregnant?  (Photos)

In some ways it has to really suck to be a celeb. When it comes to your appearance you can never have even an off moment or else you end up as a fashion don’t in the back of some magazine or worse yet, on the cover of the Enquirer with all of your cellulite on full display.  By normal peoples’ standards, Jennifer Aniston looks absolutely amazing.  She has in her favor the fact that she has never spent months waddling around pregnant, watching her waist line dwindle as stretch marks appear. She also has had a secret arsenal of plastic surgery done.  Her nose has been clipped and she has obviously had some injections and fillers. Jen does what it takes to look good.

She has been a devoted gym rat for years and we have seen her strolling around on various beaches completely ripped and looking fabulous. Occasionally pregnancy rumors pop up but they’ve never panned out and even recently we heard that she and Justin Theroux are expecting a little bundle. The happy couple has spent a nice chunk of the Christmas holiday down in Cabo San Lucas, basking in the sun, and enjoying the beach. One thing seems pretty clear- Jen is not obviously pregnant.

The former Friend’s star took to the beach wearing a black bikini with a sarong over it.  For a woman in her mid-40’s she looks great, but for Jennifer Aniston, something is going on here. Those rock hard abs are no longer popping, you can’t cut yourself on her hip bones (which is a good thing) and her boobs, well they actually exist. Something is causing her to sag and she needs that bikini top to hold herself up.

Jen may have had other enhancements made to her appearance but she has never had a boob job, which is kind of odd considering she’s not against surgery. I’d think she would want the perfect rack to go with her perfect nose and her often copied hair. It makes me wonder if the soft layer padding the actress and causing her chest to sag is actually because she finally is pregnant. Take a look at the pic and tell us your thoughts. Is Jen pregnant or just happy in love rather than killing herself at the gym?

Photo Credit: FameFlynet