Report: Jennifer Aniston Tells Mom ‘Don’t Come To Our Wedding!’

Report: Jennifer Aniston Tells Mom ‘Don’t Come To Our Wedding!’

Before you start hating on Jennifer Aniston, hear me out! I think this is the best decision she’s made in a long time! Newly engaged Jennifer has been selling herself out recently—appearing in B-class romantic comedies, getting too much Botox, and bossing around her fiancé, Justin Theroux. With all that, I’m surprised she has any time for her family. She and mom, Nancy Dow, have had a rocky relationship since Friends was still on the air.

Time and time again, Nancy would dish a bit too much about her daughter, and Jen had to cut the apron strings and live her own life. Much like Dina Lohan, Nancy couldn’t stop manipulating her daughter’s fame! Now, a source is reporting that Jenifer has prohibited her mom from attending the wedding.  “Being at Jennifer’s wedding to Justin was one of Nancy’s greatest late-in-life dreams—but now that dream is shattered,” the insider explained.

This would seem really harsh and cold under other circumstances, but remember when Brad Pitt and Jen married in 2000? Nancy didn’t attend that wedding either. So it’s not like Jen doesn’t have a history dissing her mother. But that doesn’t make her a bad daughter. Her mom broke a hip a few years back and Jen was there for her when it mattered. Clearly Nancy doesn’t know how to be a good mom, but Jen understands how to be a good daughter—financially provide and don’t answer personal questions!

Of course, all of this assumes that Jen and Justin are actually getting married, which Angelina Jolie swears is impossible! I’m not holding my breath, but it sounds like Jen is moving right in to wedding planning! What do you think? Is Jen a stone cold bitch or just taking good advice from her lawyers and PR team? Will Jen have another big white wedding, or a small, romantic elopement?


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    That’s NOT true. And u know what else? U are really stupid and pathetic!