Jennifer Lopez And Casper Smart Marry In Mexico (Photo)

Jennifer Lopez And Casper Smart Marry In Mexico (Photo)

Jennifer Lopez marries toyboy Casper Smart in a secret ceremony aboard a yacht in Mexico – yes, you read correctly! The ceremony includes no guests and no gifts as Jennifer rushes in and makes the biggest mistake of her life.  Now Casper wants to adopt her twins – which should send J.Lo’s ex, Marc Anthony, completely off his brain!  Furthermore the couple, who are often mistaken for mother and son, signed a prenup giving the little gigolo a cool $1 million per year for the next decade – and they say money can’t buy love.  What’s the difference between marriage and prostitution?  Don’t ask Jennifer Lopez for the answer to that question…

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The April 2 issue of Star mag features the cover story above with evidence from the following sources.  “Everyone in Jennifer’s inner circle thinks she’s lost her mind,” a source says. “Her mom, Guadalupe, flat out told her that marrying Casper will be the biggest mistake of her life!”

But Jen is determined to wed Casper, 24. Wedding plans are already underway, and even designer Roberto Cavalli tweeted he’s prepping for the big day.

“Today, Jennifer Lopez. Call me…She ask me. To create a special dress. For her next wedding!” he wrote on March 12. (Although his rep later claimed that someone hacked into his account and tweeted the statement, there were no other impostor tweets from the alleged hacker.)

 “Jennifer called her mom, sister and a few trusted friends from Acapulco…She said that she and Casper decided to get married in Mexico. Her mom…thought they had eloped, but Jen just laughed and said it was only a matter of time.”

 “Jennifer’s gut is telling her that Casper is marriage material,” a source reveals. “And there’s no talking her out of something once she sets her mind on it.”

The source’s quotes were courtesy of Hollywood Life who has other details on this shocking story

Hollywood is the new Sodom and Gomorra – but with Ferraris instead of camels.  Can J.Lo be that much of a cretin that she would marry a loser like Casper?  Let us know what you think in the comments below.

20 responses to “Jennifer Lopez And Casper Smart Marry In Mexico (Photo)”

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  3. Diana F says:

    the woman has lost her mind,,,her children know who there father is so sorry Marc doesnt she know the man has to give up his rights for them to be adpoted????????? Is she on drugs???????????

  4. guest says:

    That is absolutely BS!  She can’t get married because she is not divorced yet.  

  5. Ed Henrique says:

    She’s a freak.

  6. Ed Henrique says:

    She’s a __freak.

  7. Ed Henrique says:

    She’s a fre@k.

  8. Robbb says:

    Jen is giving her money away. she is crazy, what the hell did mark do to her?

  9. Robericl says:

    That woman is gone crazy!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. she is not in drugs.. she is just the most biggest BITCH ever.. she change her fucker as she change her panties.. (only if she use them) LMAO

  11. Faye says:

    she is completely crazy. why not just have good sex until it all wears out ! as it will !

  12. PACORICKY says:

    jenifer estas mas desubicada / ni hablas espanol bien y haces programas en espanol/ te comportas como una mujer desesperada no puedes ver un hombre joven porque te lo quieres devorar / eres una india con dinero un culo  bulgar / no sabes que mas hacer para llamar la atencion / y tu ex no se queda atras andando con ninas de 20 …tiene una flacura un aspecto de droguero tenaz lo unico es que canta bien /  pongansen las pilas son la ex pareja mas ridicula de Holywood///  ya estan muy viejos para todo esto ///vete pa la iglesia aun que sea una vez al mes a ver si te conectas un poco con Dios ///…….y  Dianara ; para ti felicidades ellos estan pagando lo que te hicieron tu ves?? no valen la pena tu  si eres una mujer /// 

  13. Serrano777 says:

    you to jennifer ,to old and yound boy casper . stupid. stupid……ewwwww

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  15. shyne1 says:

    OMG …..why does every guy she meets she HAS to marry like no offence is she trying to be the next elizabeth taylor?….she changes her men more than she changes her panties probably…she is brain washing her kids by having different men in their lives like give the kids to marc because obviously to me it seems like men are more important but it sure seems like right after her and marc split BOOM she was with another man …to me i think she was with that man before her and marc split cuz she moved on too quick she didnt even herself time to cope with it,,,all i can say is shes a hoe…

  16. Jmav1291 says:

    Wow people stop getting in peoples lives you aren’t paying there bills so why do you care.

  17. Jmav1291 says:

    Wow people stop getting in peoples lives you aren’t paying there bills so why do you care.

  18. Cubanrican says:

    if only everyone in the world would put in half the effort to better the planet as the do to criticize public figures imagine how much better off we would be .. its her money and her body let her do as she pleases  in the end your opinion does not change her way of being //// shooop