Jennifer Lopez Betrayed by Casper Smart on her Birthday (Photo)

Jennifer Lopez Betrayed by Casper Smart on her Birthday (Photo)

Jennifer Lopez was betrayed by Casper Smart on her birthday! According to the upcoming cover of Star Magazine, Casper Smart, her back-up dancing boyfriend, was seen leaving a gay sex club in the early hours of the morning. On top of all that, a witness at the club says that Casper has been spotted at this 24-hour peepshow before. Uh oh, let the drama ensue. What is J. Lo going to do now? If she wants to keep him bad enough, she better run out and buy her lil’ boy toy a present before she loses him to a new man.

Based on this story, which we touched on a few days ago when the news first broke, it looks as if Casper has a few secrets he’s been keeping from his sugar mama.

Whatever the reasons are behind his wild sexcapades, one person, besides Jennifer, is clearly upset. And that person is Marc Anthony, Jennifer’s ex whom she divorced earlier this year. Whether he’s fed up with Casper’s secretive ways or just Jennifer’s wild rompings with younger men in general we’re not sure, but it’s quite clear that Marc isn’t a happy camper, as he’s threatened to take away the kids if she doesn’t kick Casper to the curb ASAP.

“Dump him or I’ll take the kids,” Anthony is credited with saying on the cover of the magazine. Harmless threat? Or is there some substance behind these stinging words? It looks like Casper and Jennifer are going to have to sit down and have a serious talk soon. Is Casper only in it for the money or does he genuinely love himself some J. Lo? When the full story is released we’ll be sure to update you; however, in the meantime, we’ll just have to let Casper ogle at his stripper pals in peace.

Image Credit to Fame/Flynet and Star Mag

4 responses to “Jennifer Lopez Betrayed by Casper Smart on her Birthday (Photo)”

  1. c'ya says:

     Nicholas Sanford…Your bogus story is so pathetic and desperate it’s not even funny!

  2. Wow! I’m not surprised about this at all, we all knew that something was strange about this gay boy toy, now you know! I told you, Joshua Lee Ayers said he was gay and he was right on the money. Nobody listens to anybody around here, Now you get the picture? It looks like he’s got a couple of sex secrets about him. First he was spotted at a 24hr. peepshow in the filthy part of N.Y.C. and he was adjusting his pants as he came out of there, what did he do look at a couple of guys gettin’ it on?  Or was he jerking off in a booth? Well whatever he is doing it don’t look good on his part. Then he has a gay lover on the down low in L.A. that he’s been supporting him with J.LOs money she’s been giving him, this guy no doubt is a pervert, he can’t be around little kids at all. I wonder how J.LO feels about this? J.LO needs to kick this sexual pervert to the curb ASAP! I don’t like him pretending to be straight when he really isn’t. I don’t see how J.LO can be so dumb about this gay boy toy! She had better wake up quick or else!

  3. His story is not bogus at all, its all real you just can’t see what this piece of shit is! Joshua Ayers was right all along about this guy. He’s simply lied right to her face and using her for her money and fame in front of the whole world. Too bad J.Lo we all told you about this piece of trash and you and nobody else wouldn’t listen. Now you know who’s telling the truth! It’s about time you get rid of this piece of trash ASAP!

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