Jennifer Lopez Can’t Trust Boyfriend Casper Smart, Spies on his Texts!

Jennifer Lopez Can't Trust Boyfriend Casper Smart, Spies on his Texts!

Jennifer Lopez has major trust issues, and they’re clearly so bad that she’s having trouble trusting her boyfriend Casper Smart. Jennifer Lopez, after hearing rumors that Casper might be cheating on her with a man, has put on her detective gloves and taken matters into her own hands . . . by snooping around in Casper’s phone! Sure it’s not the classy thing to do, nor is it the best way to foster a healthy relationship, but if a J.LO wants answers a J.LO gets answers.

A close friend to Jennifer told In Touch Weekly magazine, that “Jennifer’s been checking Casper’s phone to see if he’s cheating.”

According to this pal, Jennifer is absolutely paranoid that Casper might be sleeping around behind her back. She’s not blind and is clearly aware of his alleged journeys into super shady exotic massage parlors — which he, allegedly, visited the day before Jennifer’s big 43rd B-day. “She hates that she’s spying but she can’t help it.”

It seems like she’s trying to get over her trust issues, as she’s already starting to plan a family vacay after she finishes her tour, but if things are sketchy now I don’t see how they’re going to get any better. What do you all think? Do you think Jennifer has a reason to be paranoid? Is the breakup inevitable? Should Casper be required to check his phone in every night before bed so J.LO can inspect it for things of cheatery and scandal? You be the judge.

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One response to “Jennifer Lopez Can’t Trust Boyfriend Casper Smart, Spies on his Texts!”

  1. casper is the gayest says:

    Casper Smart? Is he gay? Is he using Jennifer Lopez? Should she ditch him? = YES YES YES THIS GUY IS GAY & USING HER & SHE BRINGS HER KIDS AROUND HIM SMH. Peple that know casper personally even say he is gay. He has been outed & caught way too many times 4 this to be coincidence, HE IS GAY!! JEN WAKE UP & LEAVE STOP LETTING MEN USE U!!!