Jessica Simpson Obsessed With Her X-Rated Sexcapades

Jessica Simpson Obsessed With Her X-Rated Sexcapades

Many years ago Jessica Simpson was well known for singing and being a virgin.  Now the new mom is notoriously heavy and obsessed with sex.  According to Star magazine, Jessica’s boyfriend, Eric Johnson, has helped her to lose some of the 70 pounds that she gained while pregnant and she in turn, is thanking him with sex. Lots of it.

“[She’s] thanking him with a string of X-rated romps — and telling everyone!  [Jessica] talks about it nonstop. They haven’t had sex in a while, and she’s definitely making up for lost time!”

Jessica has never really been shy about her sex life, no matter what man she’s with.  John Mayer, pictured with Jess above, once referred to her as “sexual napalm” and all the sex talk really kicked into high gear once Jess hooked up with Eric. Nearly every interview has her dishing on orgasms and her x-rated exploits.  Jessica is disgusting – yes we know.

As she has started bragging again about her sex life rumors have started that the star is actually pregnant again, thus explaining why she can’t seem to lose much of her baby weight. It’s true that women are extremely fertile after having a baby so that could actually be true!

Do you like how Jessica seems to have made all the sex talk a way to get attention?  Every time she does an interview one of those quotes always ends up everywhere.  The woman may have lost her voice but she’s still smart when it comes to manipulating the media in order to grab a bit of the spotlight.  Do you care about Jessica and Eric’s sex life or have you heard enough already?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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