Johnny Depp And Vanessa Paradis Gearing Up For Custody Battle

Johnny Depp And Vanessa Paradis Gearing Up For Custody Battle

Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis recently went their separate ways publicly after 14 years of de facto marriage. Of course those of us in the know said their relationship was all over but the crying months ago. They have two young children together and the custody battle is about to begin, so strap on your typecasting and phone Tim Burton!

Hollywood Hiccups has the inside track on the story:Vanessa is furious and ready for a fight, she wants Johnny to spend as little time as possible with the children.  She does not want her children exposed to any of his new girlfriends.  The children are already distraught at the loss of their father.

Johnny Depp allegedly offered Vanessa Paradis $100 million to make it all go away. That is the cost of a small island in the Caribbean. Oh, wait, they already have one…

There are conflicting rumors of Johnny Depp dating his co-star, Amber Heard, who is a self-declared bisexual – Johnny got with her during the filming of the tedious film The Rum Diaries.  Since Johnny has been hot and heavy with Amber, Vanessa Paradis has been heartbroken and out in the cold – and now she has turned bitter.

Vanessa, it is usually not wise to imply to Lilly Rose and Jack that their father’s new girlfriends are walking Centers for Disease Control. They don’t infect people with Ebola. They merely copulate.

We’re wondering whether this whole custody battle will be more 300than Full Metal Jacket and where the kids will end up in all of this. A divorce is difficult for an entire family, especially the innocent children, so we’re truly hoping that this whole custody battle results in an amicable split.  Fat chance of that happening – you know, a woman scorned and all that.  Vanessa is already trying to use her kids to hurt Johnny.

Let us know in the comments below who you think is to blame for the divorce.

9 responses to “Johnny Depp And Vanessa Paradis Gearing Up For Custody Battle”

  1. Patty says:

    Get back toghether before you regrert it.  Make it work, compromise do something PLEASE!!!  I love you johnny and want to see youn happy.  You deserve to be happy FIGHT for your family for GODS sake. Like your fighting for your life because they are your life.

  2. Patty says:

    Vanessa,  if what you’e feared the most is Johnny being with other women then its already happened moeve on forgive and forget. He wont be dishonest but you have to trust.  Love him or someone else will.

  3. Patty says:

    i perfer to see johnny with vanessa than to see him with any other. 

  4. Renier Palland says:

    I agree Wanda. I think they just grew apart, I mean 14 years is quite some time.

    Hopefully it sorts itself out and doesn’t end up like a TomKat saga.

  5. Sharon Athey says:

    I blame her . She caused all the trouble.She is Jealous because she has no career and Johnny is a great actor and has more people wanting to see him then her. But if she thinks he is going to get full custody of the children she can forget it because Johnny will never let that happen, He loves the children and won’t let that happen. And also I think she has no right to tell Johnny not to see the children very much , You know that isn’t gone to happen he loves his children more than anything. And as far as her saying all those thing about his girlfriend and the children are gone to get a Disease and die from it, What kind of person tells their children  something like that. I think she needs to get help from a Psytic. she needs some help. Good Luck Johnny I hope you get full custody of the children . I hope you are happy now. Love Sharon Athey a Fan Forever.

    • Sarah says:

      I’m sorry but Vanessa has a career,  she’s starring this month in 2 french movies and she’s a famous and successful singer in France. She’s not a international star like Johnny Depp but we can’t say she has no career.

  6. Caz. says:

    A divorce is difficult for an entire family.

    How can anyone  get divorced when they weren’t married. ?

    I have heared that Jack has said that Amber is a gold digger & that he wants Johnny to return to Vanessa.

    Personally I agree with Jack.

    • whenneedbe22 says:

      In what way is it possible for her to be a golddigger? She’s in the same career and is getting paid the same “stupid money” he is. Plus with Heard’s performance in the Rum Diaries its obvious her abilities will only strive (other then these silly rumors, of course). While I think this statement is false, if Depp’s son did say this it’s probably a statement he made out of anger due to Jack wanting his parents to be together… Has anyone thought maybe just maybe that this separation will do more good for the children than bad? I mean, we don’t know they’re lives– they could have been fighting all the time and been putting on a face for the kids–acting is their day job, do you think they want go home and do it too? What is a home without love to a child? To anyone? I know they lead such interesting lives and all but folks need to calm down on their opinions and just trust that these human beings (like you and I) are making the best choice for themselves and their family… and that decision is none of anyone’s goddam business.

  7. None of us know what goes on behind Closed doors. They could fight all the time and he is just fed up with it…….If that is the case then a spit is the best thing, until they can work something out.