Johnny Depp Obsessed With Amber Heard, Ignoring Vanessa Paradis’ Demands

Johnny Depp Obsessed With Amber Heard, Ignoring Vanessa Paradis' Demands 0709

Vanessa Paradis is still terribly distraught over her break up with partner of fourteen years, Johhny Depp, but she has been determined to keep the relationship civil for the sake of their children, however, the National Enquirer reveals that Johnny’s so obsessed with his other woman, Amber Heard, he’s completely ignoring Vanessa’s demands to keep the “man-stealing, two-bit nobody” away from her son and daughter.

“Vanessa doesn’t want Amber anywhere near them,” a source told the Enquirer. “Obviously, she’s told Johnny her wishes, but rumors are flying that Johnny’s so obsessed with Amber that she gets away with murder. He’s even fired two of his assistants in the past four months for not keep­ing up with her demands. When it comes to his rela­tionship with Amber, Johnny doesn’t care who he hurts – least of all Vanessa.”

The magazine continues:

“Vanessa might be putting on a brave face in public, but she’s absolutely distraught,” revealed a pal. “There’s no amount of money that can take away her agony as the full picture of what actually went down with Amber slow­ly emerges.” Johnny, 49, and Amber, 26, reportedly became close while filming “The Rum Di­ary” in 2009. But at the time, there was more speculation about him and Angelina Jolie, his co-star in the 2010 romantic thriller “The Tourist.”

But when “The Rum Diary” promo tour kicked into high gear late last year, whispers of a Johnny-Amber affair be­gan circulating, and Vanessa exploded when he draped his arm around Amber at the film’s London premiere, sources say. “Vanessa and Johnny made a pact years ago that he would never be pho­tographed with another woman in a compromising situation, no matter how in­nocent,” explained a source. “When he did that in Lon­don, Vanessa knew there was no going back. What she can’t believe is that Amber was most likely in the picture as far back as 2009. “Right now, she’s angry and humiliated and not seeing things straight, but everyone believes her when she says she’ll never forgive Johnny for walking out on his family.”

Vanessa’s going crazy right now – understandably. I kind of figured that Johnny wouldn’t listen to the Amber demands but I also thought Amber would have the decency to stay away from Lily-Rose and Jack out of courtesy to their mother. I wouldn’t take Johnny to be so insensitive. Something’s up with him! What do you think it could be? Mid-life crisis? Existential dilemma? Why treat the mother of your children with such disregard? I’m not saying he should listen to everything she says – she’s a woman scorned and bound to make some harsh statements – but a little empathy would be nice.

Should Vanessa Paradis and Amber Heard meet and work something out away from Johnny or do you think she has good reason to want her away from her children for as long as possible?

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18 responses to “Johnny Depp Obsessed With Amber Heard, Ignoring Vanessa Paradis’ Demands”

  1. Oh, sure. ???? Really? The Inquirer? haha.

  2. Avmir says:

    Ohh! if the Enquirer says it, then it must be true…CUUEK!! 
    If Vanessa is as worried about Amber, then her children could be with her in France (because she’s in France) but they’re in America with their father…so stop with this rumors!
    Vanessa is a classy lady!

  3. sugar says:

    Amber should stay away from Vanessa since she might get her butt kicked. Yes I too think Amber should stay away from the children she is a temporary girl and will be replaced as soon as he gets tired of fat chicks. 

  4. Sharon Athey says:

    If Vanessa wants to keep her children away from Amber then do it. But quit bad mothing Johnny and stop trying to keep his children away from him. He has the right to see his children any time he wants to. And Vanessa is fulling herself if she thing she is gone to get full custody of the children she better think again because Johnny will never let that happen he loves his children very much and they are the most important thing in is life is is children that is all that matters to him. His children always come first. And as far as Vanessa and Amber meeting I think that would be very bad ideas. First Vanessa hates her and why would she want to meet her if she hates her, I think it is best if they stay away from each other.

  5. Harryjones4272 says:

    Re: the brunette thing… Vanessa is more or less a blonde, with green eyes, so I’m not sure where you get the idea that Johnny prefers brunettes. Before Vanessa it was Kate Moss, also more or less a blonde. You have to go back to Winona Rider to find a brunette.

  6. Hacker says:

    One tabloid quoting another? LOL. NE is actually correct a lot of the time, though. Whatever love affair there was, if any, with Amber is already over. He’s very private and usu doesn’t respond no matter what lies ppl print about him. Wanted as little news about the split to get out for sake of the kids. He didn’t appreciate her putting out the horse & other stories to get PR. And she’s done some much worse stuff. It’s out there, but if you can’t find it, don’t worry. It will come out eventually.

  7. Guest says:

    Amber is awesome,,, but Johnny Depp is going to hell for this, what a dick.

  8. Kate says:

    Opps sorry for repeating myself!  And I meant Antoinette Kalaj not Kajal.  Google her, she’s very pretty.  Single too now.  It has been claimed Johnny had an affair with her whilst filming the latest Pirates of the Carribean, and that she would go on his private jet with him to wherever he wanted to take her even weeks after the film wrapped up.  Elsewhere it has been claimed that someone he had an affair with left her husband for him and she now expected him to do the same for her.  Kalaj left her husband a few months ago.  So there you have it.  You are wrong about Kate being blonde.  She is more blonde now, but not when Johnny met her, she was ‘brown’, not dark brown, but not blonde for sure. She also has brownish eyes. As for Vanessa, she was just an affair whilst he was shooting a film in Paris, one who got pregnant after 2 months.  He wouldn’t have lasted with her much longer if it wasn’t because she so desperately got pregnant.  He loves kids so that was how she hooked him.  But he was never going to last with her, he was more into his children than her imo.   Then the kids are older and Johnny found he had nothing to talk about with Vanessa, they grow apart, he has affairs (probably has for years under the cover of POTC sets), then he finds he really does like on of the girls he’s having an affair with (Kalaj imo)….He was seen boarding his private jet in April with Amber Heard and a brunette in Vegas, and people assumed the brunette was Amber’s girlfriend, Tasya, but it didn’t look like her, to me it looked more like Antoinette Kalaj.  Watch this space, it’ll all come out in a few months time. 

  9. Lauramli says:

    You know what really is incredible…that there is not one credible piece of evidence to any thing that has been said here.  There’s no photos of Johnny or Vanessa with anyone else.  There’s no witnesses to anything, except for that infamous “source” they all refer to. Yet people go on and on about them as if they are their best friends and know it all to be true.  Everything is a rumor until they say it is true! that’s about it!

  10. Lilivuljic says:

    Kate, you keep repeating yourself in every post.. “GOOGLE ANTOINETTE KALAJ SHES VERY PRETTY” you’re probably a rep for Antoinette and trying to get her famous cause obviously her horrid acting skills aren’t getting her anywhere and shes just another pretty face. Besides, hes 100% dating Amber Heard all the side girls are made up by tabloids.TABLOIDS.


    I think Johnny is acting like an idiot. He has lost my respect.When you are a 50 year old man and father of two children it is time to set an example for them. Boning lesbian starlets, drinking and falling down drunk all over Hollywood, and chasing Olsen twins is ridiculous. I thought he was better than all of this but bviously he’s NOT!!!!

  12. Giddy Mare says:

    I to think Johnny Depp is off the rails,he seems to have no regards for his children or his fans.Has he forgotten that without his fans there would be no more Johnny Depp.Get a grip Johnny stop trying to be the young gun you were and grow up.I saw the video of him falling down drunk,it was very sad to see him like that,made me cry,he was once the guy who rocked my world,I would like to have that guy back.

  13. Frank says:

    Johnny is not dating antonetta kalaj
    She’s like 5’1 nothing special Pluss shes a mother…come on Johnny you can do better then that

  14. jane d says:

    u know I really loved johnny and I thought he was amazing and beautiful but he loves amber and he wants spend the rest of his life with her he doesn’t care what people think she is the reason why he left Vanessa I guess it was all worth it

  15. mrs depp says:

    You don’t have to be blind to see that nogood bisexual tart is brainwashing johnny into something he doesn’t know he getting himself into and should dump her before he and the kids get hurt. Lindsey Depp. I’m very concerned about him.

  16. mrs depp says:

    I Think that bisexual tart amber heard is brainwashing johnny into marriage, also if it all goes wrong not only johnny but lilyrose and jack will suffer again, I’m very concened for my darling Johnny, that she’s using him for her own gains and that she could ruin his career at the same time, and clear off with the kids inheritence. Lindsey Depp