Justin Bieber Booed During Hometown Canadian Grey Cup Football Performance

Justin Bieber Booed During Hometown Canadian Grey Cup Football Performance

It looks like not everyone is a Belieber, especially not Canadian football fans!  I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that Justin Bieber was expecting a great reaction when he took the stage at The Rogers Centre for his medley of hits that helped him to rack up several awards at last week’s AMA’s. Plus Justin grew up in nearby Stratford, Ontario so this show was kind of like a homecoming for the teen idol.  Instead he was greeted to a chorus of boos by the audience that was gathered to watch the 100th Grey Cup.

The football fans may have been divided over the actual game, but when it came to Justin they seemed to be pretty much in agreement. They booed when he appeared on the jumbo tron. Jeered when his named was announced and the actually performance was just a non-stop booing session.  Justin put on his usual over the top performance and no one cared much. Meanwhile another artist that performed added insult to injury. When the 74-year old Gordon Lightfoot took the stage, dressed in black and performed a stripped down acoustic number the audience loved it.

That’s right folks, the old folk singer was much more appreciated then Justin’s slick performance.  I’m not sure what promoters were thinking when they signed Justin to do the halftime show. Football usually means heavier performances or something more classic, not the bubblegum pop that the current crop of teens are putting out there.

Do you think Justin cares that the audience wasn’t feeling it? Or was it just another paycheck to collect for a few minutes of his time?  Did being booed affect Justin at all – is he invested enough in the audiences to care much? Is he intelligent enough to even notice or does he require some prep time with Scooter Braun before he answers that? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Photo Credit: The Toronto Star

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  3. Josh says:

    Geez Cate
    Meighan. Did you not do any research before writing this
    article? Justin wasn’t booed because of his genre of music; he was booed because
    of his disrespect towards our nation’s leader.
    A simple Google search would have provided you with a little background on this

  4. Melanie says:

    He was booed because he was dressed up like a ghetto train conductor while receiving a prestigious award in Ottawa from the Prime Minister earlier that week….. he’s lucky all he got were boos… He shamed the whole country with his little stunt.. what a douchebag…