Justin Bieber Avoids Selena Gomez Relationship Stress With Hypnosis and Marijuana – Report

Justin Bieber Avoids Selena Gomez Relationship Stress With Hypnosis

We previously reported that Justin Bieber has once again snubbed Selena Gomez by hooking up with Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Palvin in Miami after a concert, and we thought it proved he was a heartless, unfeeling jerk. But new information proves that Justin is fully aware of what he’s doing, and is desperate to escape the harsh reality that he’s created!  And all the marijuana Justin is alleged to be smoking probably helps in this regard.

A source reported to Star Magazine, print edition December 31, 2012, that Justin has turned to hypnosis to avoid the stress of his world. “Justin’s angst has reached epic proportions. He barely sleeps, gets excruciating headaches, and has trouble eating!” Well good riddance to trashy singers! He’s getting exactly what he deserves—actually, his emotionally abused girlfriend Selena has it worse, a source reported that she has lost a ton of weight since he started stepping on her heart like it was monkey meat.

Justin turned to friend and mother-figure Ellen DeGeneres to help, and she put him in touch with Paul McKenna, a hypnotherapist who helped her cut a cigarette addiction. Justin is “so thankful that Ellen rescued him! He’s determined to get a handle on the issues.” Well, considering that the cause of his stress is his now infamous cheating streak, I don’t see how hypnosis will help! Unless he is in a constant hypnotized state and ordered to be a decent human being for a change?

We think that Justin is too used to taking the easy way out. He speeds and blames paparazzi, dumped his hamster on a fan (who could have been totally unfit—he didn’t think to check!), and is just so cruel to Selena! Do you think Justin’s attempts at help are pure codswollop, or is he genuinely invested in improving his life? Would you forgive a two-time cheater, ego maniac, and animal abuser?