Justin Bieber Posts Sexy Selena Gomez Picture – Says He Loves Her

Justin Bieber Posts Sexy Selena Gomez Picture - Says He Loves Her

Even though Justin Bieber has been seen several times with Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Palvin, he wants to keep his options open! The playboy singer has been losing ground in the battle to keep Selena Gomez on his arm, and rumors are circulating. After the first batch of lingerie model pictures swept through Twitter, Selena dumped him in a truly mature manner: she kept on with her life (though it’s rumored she’s lost a ton of weight stressing). Justin, meanwhile, was singing lame sad songs and moping around like a crybaby. She’s since taken him back (bummer!) but gossip about relationship woes haven’t been quelled yet!

Now, Justin has taken to his Instagram account to prove their relationship status: he’s posted a sexy photo of Selena bending over in a red dress. The photo is taken from her shoot for the magazine Elle, and says one of two things. Either Justin is trying to stake his claim on the Disney star by sharing her photo, as if a single photo can confirm their love, or he is feeling sentimental and mopey after a very secret Christmas break up, and can’t help going through old photos of his old girlfriend.

Putting his personal flaws aside, there really is no way Justin can win this dilemma. Either he and Selena call it quits, and he’ll be remembered as the jerk singer who cheated on his super cute girlfriend, or they stay on, and he’ll be remembered as the jerk-singer who is still cheating on his girlfriend. Meanwhile, Selena has one option: dump the scoundrel, stay strong, and move on! Selena projects herself as a powerhouse of female confidence and well-ordered priorities; it’s time to start listening to her own advice! She may love him like a love song, but the funny thing is—songs end! She has the amazing opportunity to be a role model in action, not just talk, so I personally recommend she dump him (over Twitter? Yes PLEASE!), turn up Spice Girls, and dance her sorrows away! Do you think Justin and Selena need to call it quits for good, or could he really achieve redemption?

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