Kanye West And Kris Jenner Swell With Pride Over Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape

Kanye West And Kris Jenner Swell With Pride Over Kim Kardashian's Sex Tape 0905

Apparently, being someone’s sloppy seconds (or sloppy hundreds) is something to brag about nowadays because Kanye West has found inspiration in his girlfriend’s former life and can’t help himself from rapping with pride. In his new single “Clique” off his upcoming album “Cruel Summer”, Kanye makes reference to Kim Kardashian’s sex tape and basically tells the world to get over it.

TMZ reports the lyrics go something like, “Eat breakfast at Gucci. My girl a superstar all from a home movie.”

Kanye seems hard to control, right? I know we already kind of figured that out when he blasted on the stage and stole Taylor Swift’s thunder a couple years back, but it still boggles my mind every time. Because Kim can’t be too psyched her boyfriend keeps rapping about her. Or maybe she would be if he didn’t call her a “perfect bitch” or bring up a subject that has caused her days, months and probably years of stress and embarrassment. Sure, in his mind he thinks he’s defending her, but she’s got to be like, “Come on Kanye! That’s so old! Maybe if you don’t rap about it to millions, people will move on!”

But maybe Kanye has the problem with moving on? Rumors circulated that he’s not so proud of his girlfriend’s X-rated past. Honestly, who would be? But he jumped into the relationship anyway and it seems like he’s all about revamping Kim’s image lately. He’s been telling her what to wear and how to act. But now he’s going back to Kim’s roots. What’s the deal? I think he just needed a word that rhymed with Gucci and Kim had to bite the bullet on that one.

Do you think Kim signed off on Kanye’s lyrics? Does Kim remind you of a carpet girlfriend since she has a habit of letting guys walk all over her?

Photo Credit: Teach/FAMEFLYNET