Kate Middleton And Prince Harry Gang Up On Fat Prince William

Kate Middleton And Prince Harry Gang Up On Fat Prince William 0826

I figured Kate Middleton restricted her abhorrence of calories and weight gain just to herself but it turns out she’s not a huge fan of her royal hubby packing on the pounds either. Kate and Prince Harry have dubbed Prince William the Burger King after the second in line to the thrown was spotted with a little extra to love around the middle. All Voices writes:

The same source told Grazia: “It’s always a laugh when Kate and Harry are together ….William loves that his wife and brother are such good pals and he jokingly calls Harry Kate’s ‘lady in waiting’ because he’s always there by her side.”

However, apparently what gets Prince William’s goat is that they are always pulling his leg. “What he doesn’t enjoy is how much they like to wind him up,” revealed the source.

The source went on to add: “There’s always a lot of laughter when the three are together but it’s normally aimed at Wills, poor chap, but he takes it well and knows it’s all a bit of banter.”

I could see Kate and Harry ripping on William, can’t you? It’s almost too easy. You kind of saw a little bit of that when the couple gave their engagement interview. Kate teased him a few times about his cooking and how he thinks he’s hilarious. It wasn’t too blatant or too offending but it was just enough for us to deduce that these two were totally comfortable with each other and soul mates. I watched that video like a thousand times. It was too cute and totally coached by PR people.

Grazia also goes on to say that Kate is teaching Harry to cook. The PR strategy is working again! Catherine the Redeemer saves Prince Harry with her cooking! While he’s stuck at home licking his royal wounds, Kate comforts with her warm apple pie (no sexual innuendo there AT ALL). Did you see Prince Harry’s paralympic video message? It came out a day after the nude scandal went full monty throttle. We called it! The palace thinks it’s so savvy! First the paralympic photo ops and then the Kate and Harry stories. Just wait for it. The Kate Middleton baby bump pictures are coming! She cooks! She teases! She doesn’t flash her boobs on topless beaches! She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to Princess Diana’s sons!

Is the timing of this story suspect? Do you think the palace is going to be throwing a few more of these soft balls out to recover Prince Harry’s image? Is Kate Middleton the best team player of all time?

Photo Credit: Barcroft/Fame Pictures

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