Kate Middleton And Prince William Betrayed By Queen’s Decision

Kate Middleton And Prince William Betrayed By Queen's Decision 0620

Queen Elizabeth II has finally decided to accept and openly endorse her son, Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla Parker-Bowles, as the future monarchs leaving Kate Middleton and Prince William disgusted and betrayed. The idea that the Queen would ask Charles to abdicate in favor of his oldest son is one that Princess Diana and many of the nation favored, but it turns out the Queen never planned to make William king, the Globe reports.

Recent polls have come out citing the people’s grudging acceptance of Charles as their future king, but there are still many who believe William and his young exciting wife would do a better job ruling the country in to a more modern age. Charles has been Prince of Wales longer than any other royal in history, and a lot are worried he will bring more of the same when he finally sits at the head of the table.

What Kate and William have done for the monarchy in the last couple years is nothing short of extraordinary. It hasn’t been this exciting to watch since Princess Diana was parading her bikinis all over the Mediterranean and Sarah Ferguson was getting her toes sucked. A lot of people thought the Queen owed it to them to pass over the crown. One might even argue the Queen’s recent Jubilee celebration wouldn’t have been as hyped if Kate and Wills weren’t there to shoulder the attention. That’s not to say the Queen doesn’t have her admirers, but we all know Kate’s picture is on every magazine cover because she’s the current sell.

And the Globe also says Prince William’s recent late night drunk fests have to do with his disappointment over the crippling decision. I always thought he wanted his dad to be king so he could have more normal life playing with his helicopters and playing polo with Prince Harry, but there must have been a little part of him that tasted the idea and got a little excited. You can’t really blame him.

Do you think the Queen was right in telling Kate and William to wait their turn or is she misjudging the country’s need for the popular couple?

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6 responses to “Kate Middleton And Prince William Betrayed By Queen’s Decision”

  1. 66pugs99 says:

    This just may be the stupidest story ever written on the internet. WT?  Is your website run by a bunch of 12 year olds?

  2. Pabary says:

    If  Charles takes over the reins and becomes king Australia I think will definitely become a republic. How can the Queen give preference to the HAG over William and  Kate,  after all she was one of  the cause of annul horabalis in the first place, the Queens must have a very short memory. I often wonder what William actually feels about the women who ultimately caused the death of his mother. I really don’t think he will be recieved very warmly in any commonwealth country they visit after the Queens has passed away……………….. PT Queensland

  3. gerr says:

    How are they being betrayed, exactly? This is the way it’s supposed to happen. They’re following tradition.

  4. marlio says:

    I think the end of the monarchy will be sudden, if Charles takes the throne because he is unpopular, sallow, caused the divorce and possibly death of diana, and is old school.  also his claim to the throne is questionable and no one is interested in him or camilla.

  5. marlio says:

    I do not think the monarchy will last 10 years, if charles takes the helm.  He is a fuddy, duddy, whom no one is interested in since the diana fiasco.

  6. MIKALA says:

    what a load of tosh! people want William to be king but it goes in order, that is only what people want. William WILL be king unlike this add suggests but just after Charles has gone. plus the queen does not endorse a future monarch they simply take over when she dies.