Explicit Kate Middleton and Prince William Sexual Photos Held Back by Closer Magazine?

Kate Middleton and Prince William Sexual Photos Held Back by Closer Magazine?The Royal Family is royally furious. Yesterday, we reported breaking news: A French magazine called Closer published topless photos of Kate Middleton, taken last week while she and hubby Prince William were on a private holiday in France. The photos are very pixelized with poor granularity due to the incredible zoom used, but there is no doubt about it: the pictures are real, making this Kate’s first scandal.

Since then, the palace has released several statements regarding the photos, most frequently comparing the intrusion of privacy to the awful death of Princess Diana after a paparazzi chase, resulting in a collision and her death. It’s been called a grotesque invasion, and Kate’s position as topless has been, by most, shrugged off as an action not scandalous in itself. It’s a mundane, trivial thing to sunbathe topless. Unless you’re the future Queen of England

The editor of French Closer, Laurence Pieau, was interviewed by Sky News, and said the magic words that we are not surprised at all to hear: there are more photos. She was quoted, “I won’t hide the fact that there are more intimate pictures that exist, that we haven’t published, and will not publish. Probably other newspapers will chose to publish them, but that wasn’t our choice.”

Now, what on earth could have struck such a chord with this editor who has no qualms breaking the law, illegally trespassing, publishing photos without permission, and ultimately focusing the wrath of England upon herself? My guess is that Kate and William were doing more than just sunbathing on that terrace.

Celeb Dirty Laundry said it best, “If I were the palace I would quit spinning the “Kate Middleton/Princess Diana victim” card and pull the “Hey, these are just two crazy kids in love making a baby”. Then maybe there wouldn’t be so much “Poor Kate” and more “Way to go Kate!” Kate the victim isn’t relatable. No one should feel sorry for her EVER! However, the Kate who wants to get busy with her hot ass prince is totally relatable. Who wouldn’t want to flash their rack in Prince William’s face?”

These photos aren’t going to go away. We can all agree that the level of scandal is a 1 out of 10 (14 being Harry’s rating for his Vegas party). We’ve all seen boobs before, so let’s move on! That is, until someone else buys the rest of the photos and gives us all a first-row viewing of the royal babymaking.

Kate Middleton is Caught by the Paparazzi Sunbathing Topless!