Kate Middleton Avoiding Royal Family At Christmas To Keep Her Baby Safe

Kate Middleton Avoiding Royal Family At Christmas To Keep Her Baby Safe 1209

I can’t tell if Prince William is acting way too protective or if Kate Middleton is starting to get more confident now that she has (halfway) performed her only royal duty because a lot of interesting decisions have been made even since Kate exited that hospital.

First things first though – PR damage control. Just days after the receptionist who answered the prank call committed suicide, the ever knowledgeable Katie Nichols has come to the rescue today with upbeat and heartwarming tales in the Daily Mail of how Kate planned the pregnancy and how she’ll keep busy in London while William is away at work in Wales. There’s A LOT of information here. Kate must have filled Nichols in on the phone when Will wasn’t looking because there’s no doubt Kate or her mother supplied all the information including Kate’s last bender before getting serious about baby and how she gave up cigarettes, alcohol, hard workouts and coffee to ready her body to conceive as quickly as possible.

One other thing she’s quitting? The royal family for Christmas. Kate Middleton is laying the groundwork for getting out of Sandringham for the holidays this year so she can spend time with her family instead. I don’t know who will be more upset Camilla or Queen Elizabeth!

“Carole is keen for Kate to spend Christmas with the family. It will be their last Christmas at the family home before the Middletons move house. [The family have reportedly bought a £4.7 million, seven-bedroom mansion],” a source told the newspaper. “At home Kate will be able to relax and put her feet up. Christmas at Sandringham can be very busy and stressful with everyone arriving. There is always lots going on, big dinners and lots of outfit changes to contend with.”

Now, from what I know about Sandringham is that it is non-negotiable. EVERY member of the Queen’s family has to be there. It’s the only time of the year they all make it happen – even crotchity old Andrew goes. And since it might be Prince Philips’ last Christmas you’d think everyone would make even more of an effort. Oh but not Kate. She’s pregnant with the heir so she can basically do whatever she wants now and she wants her family and William might just let her have it. I can’t much blame her there. I’d much rather sit around in my pajamas all day, eating cookies with my family than get dressed to the nines and make polite chit chat with uppity royals – especially since Prince Harry won’t be there. But you’ve got to image the Queen is rolling her eyes at all of this, right? She’s got to be thinking, “This one’s worse than Diana! At least Diana actually worked while she was pregnant!” But I have a feeling the Queen will cave and give William his way if only so Kate doesn’t puke all over the centuries old furniture.

Is Kate Middleton avoiding the royal family because she’s still sick or is she just using the excuse to spend time with her family? Older women in my family like to laugh at the younger pregnant complainers and say, “It’s a baby, not an illness! Buck up!” Does Kate need someone to tell her that or is Kate over being told anything?

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