Kate Middleton Involved in Recall of Prince William’s Computer Images?

Kate Middleton Involved in Recall of Prince William’s Computer Images?

Pictures were published by Prince William’s press team that showed him relaxing, making a bed, working, drinking coffee, and sucking on a pen at RAF Valley – where Prince William is currently working as a search and rescue pilot.  The ten pictures were released as part of a PR event to promote the young royals’ new website, yes Kate Middleton needs more publicity, but unfortunately, as with most PR stories gone wrong, this one took a nosedive into the ocean after the Ministry of Defense was “forced to reset user names and passwords used by its staff on computer systems which were visible in the background of the shots.” Shoot us if we’re stupid, but haven’t these people heard of Photoshop?

St James Palace released an official statement and said an “administrative oversight” led to the publication of the series of pictures before they were given security clearance by the Ministry. Four of the pictures have so far been “recalled” by St James’ Palace when a quick-thinking party pooper spotted the sensitive information on the computer screens and on the bulletin boards. However, a quick-thinking Photoshop addict in the press team censored the images and they were eventually re-released into the world. Unfortunately, the Ministry of Defense had to reset their passwords as a precaution.

According to The Telegraph, a UK-based paper, the changed passwords were related to unclassified websites used by pilots to “calculate the amount of fuel they need for their Sea Kings and to access information on the Civil Aviation Authority’s website.” Ah, we get what they’re playing at. It’s for the terrorists, isn’t it? Well, hopefully the Ministry of Defense didn’t decide to change their passwords to 123456789, because if someone could be so blatantly ignorant to post pictures of these passwords for the whole world to see, why not just add a few extra digits to the password? Or use Prince William’s birth date? Quick Google search, anyone? Anyone?

Allegedly, Prince William plays Call of Duty with his RAF mates when he relaxes, but he must never be more than sixty seconds away from his aircraft. Whenever we play Call of Duty, we’re never more than sixty seconds away from a bag of Lay’s and our bed.

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