Kate Middleton Shares A Day With Two Queens But No Prince (Photo)

Kate Middleton Shares A Day With Two Queens But No Prince (Photo)

Kate Middleton shared some group retail therapy with Queen Elizabeth II and Duchess Camilla as the threesome hit London department store Fortnum & Mason Thursday. Although the shopping tour was low-key it was an official royal engagement as part of the Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee celebrating her 50th year as Britain’s Queen. Kate, The Duchess of Cambridge, is finding her royal sea legs as her husband, Prince William is away at war games in the Falkland Islands.

So far Kate has acquitted herself flawlessly in William’s absence, earning praise for her unpretentious yet dignified public appearances. Queen Elizabeth II is said to be very pleased with her grandson’s match and even pitched in to help train Kate for her formal duties. As we have said before, the Queen has simply got to be overjoyed that there is finally a future queen on the horizon who is not scandal prone! Prince Charles and his first wife, Lady Diana Spencer, were a nightmare – with public exposure of affairs and infidelity and eventually divorce. Now with sober William the likely heir to the throne Kate’s impeccable behavior is so important.

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Us Mag reports details of the outing:  On Thursday, Kate Middleton hit London department store Fortnum & Mason with stepmother-in-law Duchess Camilla and grandmother-in-law Queen Elizabeth. Arriving in the Queen’s Bentley, all three women wore different shades of blue — Camilla in navy, her Majesty in eggshell blue, Duchess Kate in a fall-winter 2010 Missoni coat, accented by two daffodils to commemorate St. David’s Day.

Although it was the trio’s first official public duty performed en masse — part of the Diamond Jubilee schedule, celebrating the Queen’s 50th year on the throne — Kate, 30, Camilla, 64, and Elizabeth, 85, were like three girls in, well, a candy store!

A source inside the shop reveals that Kate went straight to the chocolate counter (which she called “the naughty counter”) in the newly-restored food hall and confessed to the staff, “Oh, I love chocolate. Yes. I think most girls like chocolate”

Prince Charles’ wife Camilla, meanwhile, tucked into a bag of gourmet jelly beans nearby. “What a treat!” she cooed.

Queen Elizabeth, however, abstained from all sweets during the visit — but did join a tea party at the store with 150 staff members, and checked out a cake to commemorating the renaming of the store restaurant to The Diamond Jubilee Tea Station.

“They thoroughly enjoyed the visit,” a source says. “Kate bought some Fortnum & Mason dog biscuits for Lupo.”

During a plaque unveiling outside, “Kate was standing by Camilla the whole time, making sure not to get in the way of the Queen. She seemed a little quieter than usual, taking lead from Camilla the whole time.”

Is Kate a great as she seems, never arrogant and always classy. What do you think of the future Queen of England? Sound off in the comments below.


3 responses to “Kate Middleton Shares A Day With Two Queens But No Prince (Photo)”

  1. guest says:

    Kate Middleton?  Her name is Catherine, Duchesss of Cambridge.  And by the way, there was only one queen there, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.  Last time I checked, the Duchess of Cornwall is not a queen.

  2. Chocolatejunkiei55008 says:

    I dont know Kate, Duchess of Cambridge personally, and unless you do, NO ONE can honestly answer that stupid question! She is a human being and their for she has faults, just like other humans do. I only know what the media prints. So far, I think I’d trust Kate 100% more than the media, 200% more than most all other people. And for what I can see, she’s trying ever so hard to get the whole royal protocals and manners down pat. She most clearly truely loves William! No she not perfect, no one is, and sooner or later she’ll make a mistake.. God forbid maybe even 2 mistakes!! Or she might be human and have a truely bad day and be snipy.   SO WHAT??  Like no one else has personality faults or skews up here and there??  So far I’m totally on Kates team side.. She’s brave and has more courage than I could ever muster up under all the media/public eye/ royal presssures shes consented to for the rest of her life in the name of love for William.  And NO, I dont believe for 1 minute all the B.S. about the Middleton family being social climbers etc etc. 

  3. Lollyg7225 says:

    camilla does not belong in the picture. she looks older than the queen who always looks so classy. Camilla always looks so dowdy. there are no words for Kate, she is beautiful and well dressed and has class oozing out of her.My compliments to the Queen I hope I am as beautiful when I reach 85