Kate Middleton Shocks Royal Family By Practicing HypnoBirthing

Kate Middleton Shocks Royal Family By Practicing HypnoBirthing 1213

I’m telling you. Kate Middleton is changing now that she’s incubating the heir. She’s getting more assertive and bringing crazy ideas into the House of Windsor. First she said no to working indefinitely, then she said no to Sandringham at Christmas and now she’s saying no to royal birthing protocol and is all about Hypnobirthing! Kate Middleton wants to relax! Well, of course she does. She likes nothing better than a relaxing vacation or a relaxing day shopping or a relaxing hair blow out so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that she’s taking her laid back style of working into the delivery room.

According to OK! magazine, “Kate’s Crazy Pregnancy Plan” involves HypnoBirthing which is just a fancy way of saying she plans to remove the fear of giving birth by calming her body and mind to a state of self-hypnosis which will reduce the pain and discomfort during labor. It actually makes sense if you can manage to do it. Apparently Jessica Alba and Miranda Kerr have tried it as well.

Let’s play along like this story is actually true. Is Kate Middleton shocking the royal family with her plans? Do you think Queen Elizabeth eye-rolled the hell out of Kate’s people when they told her? I could see that. And it looks like Kate is going the Diana natural route. I told you. There’s no way Kate’s crying for that epidural when her iconic mother-in-law didn’t. But if she’s going to go it alone without any meds then she better start practicing those relaxing techniques fast because I don’t think Kate will have the easiest labor. In one of the many injustices of life, you hear that women who are uber fit and toned have a tough time during delivery because their muscles are super tight and unwilling to let go and let nature take its course. On the other hand, women who are softer seem to have an easier time. The only thing soft about Kate Middleton is her hair.

In other baby news, the magazine asserts that the name front runners are Victoria, George, Elizabeth, Phillip and Louis. Everyone keeps thinking it will be another Queen Victoria. How excited are you that Diana wasn’t on that list?


Photo Credit: Flynet UK/FameFlynet Pictures