Kate Middleton Under Fire For Cutting Royal Tours, Work Schedule In 2013

Kate Middleton Under Fire For Cutting Royal Tours, Work Schedule In 2013 1227

We all knew this was inevitable, right? Kate Middleton and Prince William have been slowly breaking us in to the possibility by canceling a few engagements here and a few engagements there. Who knew having a baby was such work? But it is, St. James Palace is telling us. It’s so much work that Kate Middleton won’t hardly have any time to do anything else next year.

According to the Telegraph, Kate is wiping her schedule and not taking on any royal tours in 2013. The thinking is that she and Prince William don’t believe it’s a a great idea to fly any long distances while she’s pregnant and then after she has the baby sometime next summer she’ll go on maternity leave. I actually don’t think a lot of people have too much of a problem with that. It makes sense. Princess Diana didn’t go on a tour until William was ten months but then she broke with royal protocol and took him with her – something I’m sure William and Kate will duplicate because it was such an overwhelming PR success. What people have a problem with is that Kate’s pregnancy will delay the announcement of her next round of charity patronages. She still only has four. Queen Elizabeth has 600. I know it’s not fair to compare. I’m just pointing out she has a long way to go and has gotten off to a rather, um, slow start.

I see this as being another misstep for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Kate is already coming across as somebody who bucks royal tradition by spending the holidays with her parents and now she’s cutting back at work after only being 3 months pregnant. You’d think William would be cautious of the Kate Middleton work stories. She barely held a job while she waited for him to propose for ten years so she isn’t known for her strong work ethic. You’d think their PR people would try harder to climb away from that negative (but pretty truthful) stereotype. Say what you want about Diana and her mental instabilities but she was a work horse. I never got the idea that Diana loved being a princess but you definitely felt that she enjoyed what the title helped her accomplish with people in need. I think Kate likes being William’s princess. She likes being needed by him – not necessarily other people. I can’t help decide if that’s cute or really immature.

What do you make of the cutting of royal tours? Kate Middleton won’t be seen too much next year and that will juxtapose heavily against the past two years of weddings, olympics, and jubilees. Is Kate being overly cautious or are her lazy tendencies becoming too hard to mask?


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