Kate Middleton’s Baby Allows Prince William To Bypass Prince Charles To Be Next King

Kate Middleton’s Baby Allows Prince William To Bypass Prince Charles To Be Next King

I think in this day and age, most fathers are absolutely over the moon when their oldest, happily married son comes to them and informs them that they’re going to be a grandfather. It’s a day that a lot of fathers probably look forward to, however, I have to wonder if this morning Prince Charles is euphoric or instead feels like he just got hit with a falling anvil. The palace announced just a short while ago that Kate Middleton is indeed pregnant with a royal heir, something that most Royal watchers had already figured out once they saw the duchess drinking water during a public toast!  She and Prince William have been pretty honest about their desire to start a family and the speculation has really picked up speed in the last few weeks.

We at CDL told you awhile back that the Queen had recently vowed to place William, her favorite grandson, on the throne ahead of his father if Kate should become pregnant sooner rather than later. Prince Charles, as of this moment is supposed to be next in line after the Queen. He had fulfilled his royal requirements of marrying and having children. Of course he and the late Princess Diana were absolutely miserable together but happiness was never part of the deal for Charles to be king, now was it?

I’m betting in private Charles is none too happy about his sons’ happy news. If the Queen keeps her vow and I’m betting that she will, then this would mean that Charles will never grace that throne. Not that it’s a bad thing from even the British peoples’ standpoint! Charles is ridiculous and a joke at this point. He is still blamed in a sideways manner for the beloved Diana’s demise. He writes long, rambling letters about nonsense and then there’s his wife. Camilla Parker-Bowles is little more than a bad joke to the royal watchers. She openly despises Williams’ wife and apparently her penchant for hitting the bottle made Charles pack her off to a “retreat” (or REHAB) in India!

Meanwhile, everyone fawns over Kate and she is everything that a royal should be. Prince William has already proven his leadership qualities and a fearlessness that his father has never had. Of course Wills should be the next King! The question is, will he step over his bitter, bonkers father to wear that crown? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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