Kate Middleton’s Baby Due Date Finally Revealed!

Kate Middleton's Baby Due Date Finally Revealed! 0706

For those are you looking to make some money off of guessing when Kate Middleton’s baby will finally make its appearance, try placing your bet on August 27, 2013. A family history website claims that will be the day Kate delivers her own little royal and the heavens will sing and the oceans will part.

Thought was actually put into this not so arbitrary number. According to The Daily Beast, researchers at genesreunited.co.uk made the prediction by examining the royal family’s records and marriages over its vast and dramatic history. Apparently 851 days is the average between royal births and marriages.

“William and Kate have spoken about their desire to start planning for a family, so make sure that you put the 27th August 2013 in your diaries, we have a good feeling about this one,” said Rhoda Breakell, head of Genes Reunited.

The website also predicted the baby would most likely be called Carole, Elizabeth, Mary, Philippa or Victoria if it was a girl, while Charles, George, Henry, James and Michael are the top choices for a boy. Oh please name the future queen Philippa! I wouldn’t be able to contain myself! I can’t see a King Michael though, can you? It just doesn’t ring trippingly on the tongue like the others.

What do you make of the royal date? Everyone swears they see Kate’s baby bump somewhere on that size zero frame every time she’s out and about, but I’m not feeling it yet. The prediction sounds about right by the rumors I’ve heard. It would go along with Prince William and Kate Middleton’s plans to get through the Olympics and their royal tour to the South Pacific first. This would mean she would be getting pregnant sometime in November of this year. A Christmas miracle announcement! I’m a believer! How about you?

Photo Credit: Flynet UK/FameFlynet Pictures

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