Kate Middleton’s Baby and Prince William’s Pregnancy Pride Show In Body Language (Video & Photos)

Kate Middleton’s Baby and Prince William’s Pride Show In Body Language (Video)

Prince William and his lovely wife, The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, are currently swamped by baby rumours after Kate’s naughty tattle-tale school friend, Jessica Hay, told Life & Style, “They’re planning to make an announcement in December. I have this on the highest authority, and it’s not to be taken lightly. It’s going to be wonderful, happy news when it’s announced.

However, this was the moment the bricks were removed from the bandwagon’s wheels, and media outlets from all across the world jumped on the voyage. One of these bad girls on the bandwagon, body language expert Judi James, gazed into her crystal ball of bodies and revealed some exciting baby news. According to James,Some women do find themselves doing this kind of reflex protective gesture when they find out they are pregnant, but it would also be the protective ‘hide’ gesture of a woman like Kate, who knows speculation about any pregnancy will have reached fever pitch by now, and who is aware the whole world has its eyes on that part of her body, poor thing!

James also revealed that Kate’s body language has been “hinting” pregnant all year. “She has a habit of carrying her clutch bags in front of her stomach and it’s this gesture, which looks like a protective barrier that always gets the rumours going. The only real difference in Kate’s body language is coming from her facial expression. She’s always been good at the perfect smile and it’s another signature gesture of her body language toolkit. The smile in these shots is subtly different though. It’s less social and more full-cheeked spontaneous-looking,” James revealed to Entertainmentwise.

However, even though James is doing more baby talk than a manic pregnant woman, she asserts that one of the only ways to notice whether Kate is pregnant or not, is by looking at Prince William’s body language. She reveals, “Of course she could be pregnant but it might be more useful to look at William’s body language. Pregnant women can have many different ‘tells’ from looking tired or fragile to literally glowing. Men are notoriously rubbish at keeping news like this to themselves though, they tend to puff up and stick their chest out and blush a lot.”

Wow, sexist much?

Therefore, after a long and arduous description of Kate’s body language, we still don’t know whether she’s pregnant. Perhaps the stork will indeed arrive in early January 2013 and deliver an heir to the throne, but until that time, we’re going to be stuck with speculation, gossip, rumours, and baby-watching.

How do these Royals survive in the magnificent glare of public opinion? If our uterus was discussed more than Justin Bieber’s cheating, we would be spiteful and ensure that we never, ever get pregnant – future Queen of England or not.

  • Katz

    I hope this is true. I love Kate and Will. I think they bring back class, culture, beauty and royalty to the family.

    • Renier Palland

      Hi Katz!

      Thank you for your comment. I do agree with you. I think Kate and Will definitely are bringing back class, culture, beauty, and royalty to the family.

      Kate Middleton is a strong, powerful woman.

  • deb wilkin

    early Jan?- that would be reproduction at rabbit speed. Women usually announce at end of first trimester- I’d say June!