Kate Middleton’s Brother James Middleton Shame’s The Royal Family

Kate Middleton’s Brother James Middleton Shame’s The Royal Family

Kate Middleton married Prince William last April and now her family is set to bring more embarrassment down on the royal family.  Last week it was Kate’s sister, Pippa Middleton, who did the damage with her gun-slinging Parisian booze fest – but now it is her brother, James Middleton, who is set to cause the shame and scandal!

It seems that Kate’s younger brother has set up a business selling pornographic adult-themed cakes.  Just what Kate and Prince William need now… is James really dense or does he think that the future King of England wants his brother-in-law in an X-rated business?

James’ business is called Nice Cakes and the product line is anything but nice.  Designs include the Scrummylicious, which features a woman in a bikini saying: ‘Boobies that jiggle when you wiggle’ and A Wonderful Wife which reads: ‘Scrummy boobies that make my hands happy’.

James operates Nice Cakes from the same industrial park in which his parents Carole and Michael Middleton run their family business, Party Pieces. James had these comments about his business and their potential impact on his poor sister Kate:

‘They are clearly intended to be humorous and are clearly not intended to cause any offence as is quite obvious,’ says James.’

‘The Great British public is renowned throughout the world for its sense of humor and a cake design is hardly likely to cause it to lose it.’

‘We intend to embrace that sense of humor.’

Let’s see if Queen Elizabeth II finds this news humorous.  Perhaps James might contribute one of his special cakes to the Queen to help her celebrate her Diamond Jubilee?  Do you think that Kate and Will ought to be thrilled with James’ enterprise?  Are the royal couple likely to order one of James’ cakes for their wedding Anniversary?  Let us know what you think in the comments below.