Kate Middleton’s New Attitude Leaving Pippa Middleton ‘Exposed And Vulnerable’

Kate Middleton's New Attitude Leaving Pippa Middleton 'Exposed And Vulnerable' 0805

Kate Middleton has looked much more comfortable in recent weeks and even seems to be replacing that deer caught in the headlights stayed smile with a warm and easygoing nature some forgot she possessed. Kate and Prince William hugged at an Olympics match! She rested her hand on his thigh! She wore a ponytail (and looked the best she’s ever looked in my humble opinion)! Royal life and love is setting in and a more confident, poised duchess is emerging. But it’s a truth universally acknowledged that when one aspect of your life is gangbusters, the other half suffers and Pippa Middleton is feeling the affects of that other half the most.

It seems Kate’s duties, and her growing partnership/friendship with Prince Harry, are pulling her away from her only sister leaving Pippa feeling “very exposed and vulnerable.” 

“While she is still very close to her sister, they are definitely not as tight as they used to be,” a friend told The Daily Mail. “They used to speak every day, but now that Kate has married, things have changed and they might go weeks without seeing each other even if they are both in London. Kate growing closeness to William, Harry and the rest of the family has definitely had an effect on the sisters’ relationship.”

This actually makes me really sad. I have two sisters and they’re my best friends. I can’t imagine going a day or two without speaking to one of them. We don’t live by each other so phone calls are they only way we stay up to speed in each other’s lives. Now, I don’t have events to go to, charities to oversee, or many reasons to change out of my pajamas every day like Kate, but I’m busy like most normal people and still make my sisters a priority. Like many of you I’m sure, they are my air. So I feel Pippa’s pain here. Not only has she been told to enter a room back first, but she’s not getting any love from Kate either!

It was inevitable though, right? The firm doesn’t just welcome you in; it sucks you in until you forget you were ever out and actually dined without servants waiting on you hand and foot. Or at least, that’s how they’d prefer it, Princess Diana notwithstanding. Life takes siblings away from each other and Pippa has her own things happening too. I just wish Kate and Pippa would carve out more time for each other. I’ve said this before. Kate needs Pippa. She’s the golden girl now and everybody loves her but that will change. The media will get bored and start striking for dirt. She will slip up and it will pounce. It’s the nature of celebrity. And do you think she’s going to get calming, sympathetic pats on the back from the Windsors? Hells no. They’re all keep calm and carry on, stiff upper lip people. And who will Kate turn to then? The Pips. It’s the nature of family.

I’m giving Kate a pass on this one. Let her enjoy her new comfort with fame. Who among us could deny its infectious calls? Hopefully she and Pippa try to work on their relationship though because Pippa doesn’t have handlers and assistants and yes men to help her through life. And one might argue, her journey of being the other Middleton girl will be much more of a challenge.

Do you think Kate’s being a little insensitive towards her little sister or should Pippa just be a big girl and stop trying to hang on the royal coattails?

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2 responses to “Kate Middleton’s New Attitude Leaving Pippa Middleton ‘Exposed And Vulnerable’”

  1. Joker says:

    Pippa was the most overrated, annoying chick (KK aside) for a while, I’m thrilled that I don’t have to see her average body and less than average face on a daily basis

  2. Gianmarco Sabato says:

    all the MIDDLESLUTS are trashy