Katie Holmes Wants to Change Suri’s Surname To Holmes

Katie Holmes Wants to Change Suri’s Name To Holmes

The divorce may have been settled fairly amicably, but it seems Katie Holmes still intends to do everything in her power to separate her daughter from Tom Cruise.  Rumor has it that the 33-year old star intends to change her daughters name!  A source tells Now Daily,

‘She’s been telling friends she wants to make Suri‘s middle name Cruise and change her surname to Holmes,  Katie’s also given the 6-year-old the nickname Scout.  She hates the name Suri, so she gave her a nickname from To Kill A Mockingbird,’ adds the source.

At the time of the divorce settlement, the couple released a joint statement saying that they were working together to do what was in the best interest of their daughter.  Maybe Katie thinks that changing Suri’s name will further distance her from Scientologists.  Or perhaps she simply wants the child to now attempt to live a more normal life and detaching her from Tom in any way possible is the best way to ensure it.  In order to legally change a child’s name, both parents have to agree and sign of on the court order though so my guess is that even though Katie may want to do this, Tom’s just not going to allow it.

This is the first time we’ve heard that Katie hates her daughters’ name.  Do you think that she really hates the name Suri, or is she perhaps referring to the fact that the child carries Tom’s last name?  Do you like the nickname Scout?  I wonder what it is about that name that Katie feels is fitting for her daughter.

Do you think that Katie will step up and legally try to change Suri’s name? Will this estranged couple end up in court one way or another? Tel us your thoughts in the comments below.

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3 responses to “Katie Holmes Wants to Change Suri’s Surname To Holmes”

  1. fs says:

    Katie, you need to relax a little. Good grief. You don’t “own” your daughter. Divorce, fine. Custody, fine. This name business is showing you to be vindictive and self absorbed.

  2. fs says:

    Katie, relax a little. Good grief. Divorce, ok. Custody, ok. This name business shows you to be vindictive and self absorbed. You don’t “own” your daughter. Her father is part of her. Stop with the power control.

  3. Guest1 says:

    Is this story really true?   

    It’s wrong for a mother to rename a child or come up with nicknames because she does not like the child’s name.   She’s “SURI”, it’s a beautiful and unique name.   She agreed to it while they were married.   I don’t understand why she should be renamed “Holmes”.   Tom is the father and you can’t take that away.   Tom Cruise is the good guy here.  He takes care of kids.  The man has not done a single bad thing in public.    So why is Katie Holmes so vindictive?

    I see a lot of Tom in Suri.   That’s why she’s beautiful.  Tom Cruise acted very honorably and gave Holmes everything she wanted during divorce talks but I would not agree to a single more demand from the Holmes camp if I were Tom.

    Katie Holmes has been using SURI CRUISE as a media weapon.  I can’t believe how much she’s taken that little child around New York streets with the Paparazzi in tow.  Suri Cruise is famous because of her dad and I think a little more privacy is needed for her safety.   Remember what happened to John Lennon.  

    Tom, keep your chin up.  You deserve a good woman who won’t backstab you and stage a divorce behind your back.   Marry a non-celebrity and someone who is not in it for your money or fame.  Good luck!