Katy Perry Catches John Mayer Sexting Other Woman

Katy Perry Catches John Mayer Sexting Other Woman

Katy Perry is on a role—a looking like a crazy woman role, that is. We previously reported that she’s stalking her ex husband Russell Brand, calling to check on his location constantly, and now she’s paranoid about John Mayer, who a close friend calls “a serial cheater.” The pop star has bad luck with men, and won’t pay attention to the signs. And despite John’s full confession and lack of apology, Katy won’t leave him! She is too scared that he’ll leave her, so she’s trying to make him want her more.

A source reported to Star Magazine, print edition December 24, 2012, “Katy caught John sexting someone else. He basically was telling another woman how hot she was. [Katy] flipped out.” We know John has a reputation for playing games, but not this time! He fessed up and acted like it was no big deal! “Katy expected an explanation, but all she got was a lame excuse. Now she’s more worried than ever that he’s a serial cheater.” We know that he’s a dog and scoundrel when it comes to relationships—he doesn’t take them seriously, uses and abuses, than leaves. But Katy needs to learn that for herself, we suppose.

In 2010, John told The Independent, “I write a lot of dirty text messages to girls. And you’ve never seen any of them,” bragging about his conquests and keeping them under the radar. But how much is enough for Katy? Does she think she can change him into a man worth dating?

It says a lot about her self esteem that she would stay with someone who is so openly disdainful about their relationship, and we hope that she gets it together and leaves him, soon! He needs a good public dumping! We know all about his manipulative ways from the Taylor Swift song “Dear John”, and we don’t want Katy to be next—though it looks like she already is. Should she dump him or see if he will change?

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