Ke$ha Leaks BJ Photo – Kesha Really SUCKS as Talentless One Tweets Sex Pic

Ke$ha Leaks BJ Photo - Kesha Really SUCKS as Talentless One Tweets Sex Pic

Ke$ha’s new album is called ‘Warrior’ but according to Billboard, it’s going to die on the charts. The disc is on course to shift only 80K in its first week of release despite the hit single ‘Die Young’ and being one of pop’s elite. So, what’s a pop star to do? Give the masses reason to buy the CD and sex is always a guaranteed seller.

Ke$ha supposedly tweeted a picture of herself giving a blowjob. It truly gave new meaning to her Twitter handle, Ke$hasuxx. Apparently, she really does. She was using her mouth to do more than just singing off key. The pic was quickly taken down from her Twitter feed, but this is the internet. Every keystroke and stroke of a peen lives on through screen shots.

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KeSha should already know this by now. She’s no stranger to explicit pictures of herself spreading on the internet. She once tweeted a picture of herself peeing in the streets. That shot wasn’t blurred like this one was but Ke$ha obviously isn’t known for her modesty. She has built her brand on shock value.

Ke$ha should upload the indecent picture again and claim the mantle of pop’s premiere provocateur. Taylor teases with her string of boyfriend but has drawn the line at baring skin. Beyoncé is happily married and has a child. Rihanna leaves very little to the imagination and just may run with this idea so Ke$ha may as well act fast before Rihanna claims the title as heir apparent to Madonna’s reign of stoking outrage with glee. There shouldn’t be any spin about being hacked. Ke$ha just found her second wind as a standout in a crowded pop field. She should rise up like a proud soldier willing to do battle in the same way the guy in the pic did.

Editor’s Note: Kesha is live on The X Factor USA tonight – coincidence?