Khloe Kardashian Divorce From Lamar Odom Looms – Marriage Is Over

Khloe Kardashian Refuses To Accept Her Marriage Is Over

You know the expression, “me thinks the lady doth protest too much?” Well it’s like it was written to describe Khloe Kardashian and her Twitter account. Basically it means you deny accusations a lot more if they’re true than if they’re BS. Considering that Khloe is on the verge of starting a “Khloe and Lamar Odom Daily Wedding Bliss” newsletter to chronicle every instance of marital happiness they experience, I’m totally on team “Divorce Is Coming.” The woman can’t get a wifi connection without either posting a picture of Lamar, counting down the days until she sees Lamar, or joking about Lamar and brother Rob Kardashian hanging together and affectionately referring to them as “my boys.” It’s disgusting. But her obsession with the image means the divorce will be extra juicy. How far they fall!

Lamar seems to have no inkling of devotion to Khloe, because the basketball player was out partying with some women in . . . Oklahoma City. Where the wind blows swiftly through the hot night clubs. Apparently. A source reported to inTouch magazine that Lamar was “spotted lingering in an alley in the wee hours of the morning with two women.” Way to hit a sore spot—the women were “very thin brunettes in their late twenties.” It sounds like Khloe, but probably without the weight obsession! (Khloe, we think you look great. Can you please stop tweeting skinny pictures and behaving like you’re trying to develop an eating disorder?)

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Another source confirmed the trouble in paradise, claiming, “Lamar has been emotionally checked out for months.”  It’s hard to say who’s at fault in this relationship. On the one hand, Khloe is desperate for kids and Lamar is a dead beat dad of some miscellaneous children somewhere. On the other hand, Khloe is self obsessed, manipulative, and a poser. Lamar seems like he doesn’t get that invested in fluffy, topical crap. I don’t think we’ll hear about divorce papers tomorrow, but something dark is brewing for sure!

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