Kim Kardashian: Leather Clad Miami Gun-Toting Defender (Photos)

Kim Kardashian: Leather Clad Miami Gun-Toting Defender

Defend Yourself! Ok, I know that she has the right to bare arms but what about Kim Kardashian’s right to bear arms – does she need to own a gun?  Ms. Kim showed up in a tight leather dress at Miami’s Pembroke Gun & Range store to load up on gun equipment to protect herself.  Big sigh.

This is all supposed to be under the pretext that she needs to protect herself since an unwanted intruder allegedly showed up at her door this year with a suitcase.  Chicas!! Her house is gated and she has security, giggle.  But nonetheless a woman has to protect herself, right?

So being Ms. Kim she shows up at the shooting range wearing skin tight leather skirt and top and please let’s not forget the very high black stiletto heels.  Well all kidding aside she can always gouge him in the eye with one of those heals. Giggle.  Come on chicas you know that was funny!  A good hit with a high-healed shoe to the head gives one room to run.  Ok I’m showing my NYC roots and I digress again – too much to say, too little space.

Moving on, my sources in Florida say, and yes I did live there for 8 years, that Ms. Kim has taken to strolling out into the street for what seems like an allegedly daily walk.  It has been reported that on a regular basis she is seen leaving her place in, what else, revealing clothing, to go on some aimless mission, coffee?  Don’t they have assistants to do things like that?  Of course they do. But Kim needs to stay relevant and her daily stroll combined with the advance calls to the press make sure we see the Kimster whether we like it or not.

It has also been reported that she and Kanye West, beau, are looking to purchase a house in Florida.  I say why not?  Everyone else famous owns down there.  Oh wait!!  Did I say famous?  Ok in their case maybe being in Florida with entertainers that know how to behave with class will rub off on both of them.  Those entertainers are in Florida to relax and raise families – not carry on like publicity whores.  Not talking about Kimye necessarily but if the shoe fits…

‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ star Kim Kardashian stops by a gun range with her buddy Jonathan Cheban in Miami, FL on November 2nd, 2012. After they left, they gave some money to a homeless man.


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