Kim Zolciak: Topless For Husband Kroy Biermann!

Kim Zolciak went topless for her husband Kroy Biermann for a pre-wedding gift that any man would love from their own woman. Yes, in case you missed last night’s episode of “Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding” and were looking for a Bravo recap, there isn’t much you need to know other than the fact that Zolciak presented her husband (then-fiance) with a pre-wedding day gift that included pasties and a bare naked painted torso. Hot? For many of Kim’s haters, I can about imagine the comments now.

Of course there was drama that ensued before she actually went through with the topless photo shoot including complaints about a messy yard and lack of a flower person for their wedding. Kim went on a rant saying, “This photo shoot is the last thing I have on my mind.”

After a little coaxing and some cooling off, Zolciak announced, “I’m so damn sexy, f-ck it.”

And so it was.

Next week’s show will be the actual wedding of Kim and Kroy and for those who are wondering what Zolciak’s real hair looks like you will get to see it! And this is HUGE considering we all know how much Kimmy loves her wigs.

Kroy recently tweeted, “Just watched next week episode of Dont be Tardy for the Wedding it’s exactly what everyone wants to see, My wifes REAL HAIR!!”

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