Kris Humphries Reports Girlfriend Fatmire Myla Sinanaj To The FBI For Extortion

Kris Humphries Reports Girlfriend Fatmire Myla Sinanaj To The FBI For Extortion

Kris Humphries‘ lawyers contacted FBI lawyers on Saturday, claiming Fatmire ‘Myla’ Sinanaj tried to extort him for massive amounts of money.

Wait, what? Weren’t these two canoodling like a week ago? Now Kris Humphries reports Myla to the FBI? Wasn’t she the latest “girl” in his life? Wow, break-ups happen quickly in celeb land! According to TMZ, Fatmire Sinanaj is now Kris Humphries’ ex-girlfriend and she’s allegedly a money hungry moron! Fatmire and Kris’ lawyers were having a little tete-a-tete on Friday, trying to get Fatmire to sign a nondisclosure agreement. She has some pretty interesting text messages and emails from Humphries that could possibly destroy his career(?). They’re putting a muzzle on this bitch and they’re doing it quickly.

Allegedly, Fatmire said she’ll release the information and give Kris a serving of Fatal Attraction if he doesn’t pay her a specific amount. This blackmailing bitch is all cray-cray it seems and this is the reason Kris sent for the FBI. Sources close to Kris would not reveal whether the extortion was done via email, text or even Facebook, but as Hollywood movies have taught us, as soon as there is a traceable amount of information, the FBI can be called in.

This recent turn of events between the two, is exceptionally disturbing. Kris is not the most intelligent of male species and many entertainment sources are to blame for the exposing of his stupidity, but we wouldn’t wish this situation on our worst of enemies (okay, maybe we would, but that wouldn’t be very Zen of us, now would it?).

What will happen to Fatmire? Tell us what you think should happen to Fatmire! Are you a Kris Humphries fan? We’re not, but you’re more than welcome to tell us why you are!

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  • Okenesha

    I am a Kris Humphries fan and I dont think he deserves what is happening to him people grow and women grow more mature faster than men so women are just taking advantage of him because he is cool.  As for Myla did Kim pay her to mess up Kris Humphries or what exactly is her point?  If things didn’t work out let it be why do you want money you haven’t worked for?  How long have you known Kris?  Is Myla a hooker?  If she cared so much a bout Kris she would not ask for anything but since she is a gold digger and looking for 20 minutes of fame she would do anything to get it which is stupid.  Work hard and make your own money.  It will be very hard for Kris to trust any woman what has women gotten into?  Hyenas.

    • If your accusing Myla for trying to get money that’s not hers then that goes for Kris as well. Doesn’t Kris want money from Kim that’s not his. I also think you have it backwards regarding Kris trusting any women, he’s the one that goes ballistic when they want to break up with him. You should take him down from your pedestal and evaluate him with clearer vision. He’s panicked because Myla was not willing to destroy evidence while a trial is going on. I know he is panicked because the evidence must be extremely incriminating or why else would he have asked Myla to sign a NDA. So see him for he truly is.

  • Myla did not accept his bribe because he wanted her to destroy evidence while there is a trial going on. Her lawyer must have stepped in and reminded her of that. This crap is all coming from Kris’ camp. They are panicked because the evidence must be extremely incriminating or he shouldn’t have to worry. You see God don’t like ugly and He stepped in to stop this monster from hurting anymore innocent people who step in his path.This is all over 7mil which will not be worth it if he destroys his career. I can’t see a team hiring him because he just showed the world what he is capable of if things don’t go his way. Team owners will not want to risk his ability to lie, cheat and threaten people to get his way. If I were a player on his team I would be very nervous because he might sue me for not passing the ball to him or stepping on his feet.

  • Dsemeni

    I still believe this gal wanted more but Kris couldn’t offer more than just normal friendship.  Kris Humphries does not want any money from Kim Kardashina all he wants is for Kim to come clean that the marriage was a fraud and for TV ratings.  This gal is not a good girl if it is true what is being published you can say what you want but you dont go black mailing your friends unless she is under Kardashinas pay check to extort Kris.  Curse of the Kardashinas in full effect.  I like the fact that he does not let people walk all over him though.  Kris dont let this money hungry woman extort you.  Just wondering if the KTrashina family is behind Myla extorting Kris.  I dont believe anything a bout this whole issue anyway all is hear say unless it comes from Myla’s own mouth or Kris’s.  Media can fabricate something which is not true every magazine has a different story e.g I dont know what to believe any more.  What could be more discriminating a bout Kris?  Kim has been all over with Kanye so what if Kris is dating Myla why should it be an issue?????

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