Kris Jenner Forbids Kourtney Kardashian Marry Baby Daddy Scott Disick

Kris Jenner Forbids Kourtney Kardashian Marry Baby Daddy Scott Disick 0622

Kris Jenner is fine with Kourtney Kardashian using Scott Disick as a breeder, but she’s putting her foot down against marriage saying he’s just not good enough for the Kardashian clan. Yes, because sex tape stars and Dancing with the Stars losers have every right to stick their noses straight up in the air in 21st century America.

The National Enquirer says Kris isn’t budging on the fact she doesn’t want Scott anywhere near the millions of dollars she’s pimped in for the family. “Plain and simple, Kris doesn’t trust Scott,” an insider told the magazine. “She doesn’t want him to have any access to the family fortune.”

But Scott is pulling a Lamar Odom and standing up to the bad-driving, sex tape-staging momanager. He’s already proposed to Kourtney four times since she became pregnant again because he actually wants to be married to the mother of his children. The nerve of the greedy bastard!

“Scott doesn’t want to raise another baby as an unmarried couple so he’s putting the heat on Kourtney to marry him soon,” the insider said. “But Kourtney won’t bow to Scott’s wedding pressure. Yet again, Kourtney said no and told him that her mom would disown her if she accepted.”

I love Scott. I think he’s one of the best reasons to watch the show. He’s cast as the eternal outsider which means he can comment on the stupidness that unfolds around him with his crusty, dry humor. Bruce Jenner tries to do it but, sadly, he’s not smart or quick or nasty enough to be funny (no offense Bruce, you know I love you!).

The best scenes are the Scott and Kris scenes together. They’re hilarious! I don’t care what the Enquirer says, Kris loves Scott. He’s played her villain for years and allows magazines to trash him every step of the way for the good of the family. Kris is probably asking Kourtney not to get married so she can sell more newspapers. She’s savvy and Scott’s game. Kourtney should breathe a sigh of relief that Kris is only asking her not to walk down the alter. She could have ordered her to make a sex tape. Or should we be waiting for that next? Do you think Kris’s hatred of Scott is just for show or does Scott actually deserve to remain outside the circle of trust for all eternity?

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