Kris Jenner Won’t Stop Whoring Out Teenage Daughters – Kendall and Kylie Quit School!

Kris Jenner Won’t Stop Whoring Out Teenage Daughters - Kendall and Kylie Quit School!

On tonight’s episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, we watched a very emotional Kylie Jenner explain to momager Kris Jenner that every day at school makes her feel like a failure. After a trip to NYC with big sister (and still high school student) Kendall Jenner, the girls were shown falling behind in school. Kris, who obviously sees school as a petty thing required by the government that interferes with her percentage of the teenagers’s salary, repeatedly told the girls to “just work harder.”

Both girls have spent time modeling, are west coast correspondents’ for Seventeen Magazine, and are often seen at red carpet events with their B-list sisters. While one could certainly argue that the red carpet and extended vacations abroad constitute family time for this weird klan, SAT graders aren’t likely to be as forgiving.

After pretending to be sick to skip a test at school, Kylie admitted to her mom that she has frequent panic attacks because she feels so overwhelmed by the course work she can’t seem to catch up on. In a flashback, we watch a make up artist take away Kendall’s homework so he can finish styling her without distractions. Kylie tells Kris that when stressed Kendall suffers from rashes.

It is pretty damn obvious that the girls care about school. On tonight’s episode they repeatedly ask their momager and dad, Bruce, to consider homeschooling so they can study at their own pace. This certainly seems logical—if the parents are sure in their commitment to keep the girls working all over the country, they should be willing to set up an educator who can go where they go.

After lots of lies, yelling, and some tears, Kris and Bruce finally sit down with the home school administrator, and they realize that they are terrible parents, admit that their girls have already surpassed them in intelligence, agree that home schooling is the best option.

Well, I have to say that it has got to be a pretty shit life when you’re mom won’t let you get help in school and constantly insists that you’re not trying hard enough. Every kid has extracurricular, but if you’re under contract to jet set around and be filmed day in and day out, I can certainly understand why the girls would prefer to skip the 8 – 3 thing and just hire another staff member!

We’ve seen it before in Hollywood, and I’m sure we’ll see it again, but I have to ask. Is it fair to force (or even encourage) kids to take on careers like this? Should Kris have just cancelled their work schedules so they could make the grade? Are child stars ever not whores to their parents?

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4 responses to “Kris Jenner Won’t Stop Whoring Out Teenage Daughters – Kendall and Kylie Quit School!”

  1. Kate says:

    graders, uhh okay, it’s grades* hardly an of this happened. get your facts straight dumb ass.

  2. marie says:

    “graders” as in, those who grade the SAT essays. and yeah kris jenner is a fame whore and her kids should be left out of it

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