Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson to Have a Magical New Year’s Eve Engagement?

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Kristen Stewart, you cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater. Robert Pattinson is going to make an honest woman out of you yet . . . or die of shame trying.  As the Twilight pair were seen together in London recently one can only assume big news will be hitting the airwaves soon.  Could this mean a New Year’s Eve engagement?

Hopefully, Kristen took my advice to fly across the pond and make amends with Rob’s family after that nasty make-out scene this past summer . . . or did Rob have her fly over for another reason?  Maybe both.  It could be that Rob really wants his family to accept Kristen so much that he feels the need to marry her to make things official.  Could all of those Isle of Wight rumors be true also?  Is that where he’ll be proposing?  My guess is probably so.  Kristen isn’t a fan of PDA so it would be no surprise if Rob popped the question somewhere private.

Is his love for her the reason for wanting to get married or is it his insecurity?  Well, they rarely make a spectacle of their “love” in public so that does show that they are both pretty secure; however, let me remind you of an outing  the two shared where Rob attempted to kiss Kristen and she told him “Don’t kiss me.”  Really, bitch?  Your man tries to show you some love and you push him away?

I think Rob will propose.  I think Kristen will say No.  I think she will then realize that once her fans catch wind of this they will completely hate her and any hope of a career, be it mainstream or indie, will be erased.  I think she will smarten up, apologize, and then tell Rob that she just got nervous but that she does want to marry him (liar), and her world will be right again.

What do you think readers?  Do you think a Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson engagement will happen?

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One response to “Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson to Have a Magical New Year’s Eve Engagement?”

  1. pfft says:

    Pattinson rang in the new year just as he did last year…a cuckolded loser cannot stand up for himself.