Kristen Stewart And Selena Gomez Compete For 50 Shades Of Grey Role

Kristen Stewart And Selena Gomez Compete For 50 Shades Of Grey Role 0523

Both young Hollywood It girls, Selena Gomez and Kristen Stewart have been seen reading the salacious bestseller 50 Shades of Grey and could be up for the role as the beautiful sexual novice, Anastasia Steele.

Just yesterday, we reported Selena posting a pic of herself reading the S & M page turner and surmised she was taking notes for some late night kinky love fests with boy toy, Justin Bieber. But the joke was on us! Selena filmed a Funny or Die  parody titled, Fifty Shades of Blue, in which she gets all hot and bothered over a painter at her house.

But she’s not the only one getting a laugh over the book’s questionably believable literature. Kristen played the good sport and read some cheek blushing lines with reporter, Josh Horowitz, while on her Snow White and the Huntsman press tour. She managed to read a particularly erotic passage through nervous giggles.

So who would you pick? It’s well documented the book started out as Fanfiction for Kristen’s Twilight movies and that its characters, Ana Steele and Christian Grey are actually Edward Cullen and Bella Swan in disguise. So it makes sense that Kristen take on the role if she wants it. And she recently said she would love to work with boyfriend, Robert Pattinson again so this opportunity seems too good to be true for all those panting Twihards out there. But I’ve already given my reasons for thinking she should pass. The movie will no doubt be huge but Kristen doesn’t need that kind of success anymore. She already has it.

Selena, on the other hand doesn’t. And I almost wonder if the Funny or Die video was a clever way for her PR people to get her name in the running. I never thought about Selena before I saw the pic, but now it actually makes perfect sense to me. She’s young, beautiful and virginal looking. I’m not sure about her acting ability but that shouldn’t be too much of a problem. This isn’t going to be a Merchant Ivory production or anything. She just has to look sexy with little clothing on, sigh when Christian touches her and create some sort of desirous longing in her eyes. She could just think about Bieber… or better yet, the painter in the Funny or Die video. I’d believe that more!

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2 responses to “Kristen Stewart And Selena Gomez Compete For 50 Shades Of Grey Role”

  1. Kats says:

    Please Kristen Stewart would suck at it, she is too sloppy and Robert, gross, he is no Christian. Christian is elegant. I dont feel like seeing these 2 retards screw up a great love story…. Enough with the Edward and Bella, this is an adult book not a teeny bopper flick!

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