Kristen Stewart Driving Robert Pattinson To Scientology

Did Kristen Stewart Drive Robert Pattinson To Scientology? 0802

It’s no surprise Scientology has taken a beating with the Tom Cruise divorce debacle but is the secretive religion looking to update its image with a younger, hotter actor, someone along the lines of Robert Pattinson? Scientology insiders say Kirstie Alley has been hanging with her downtrodden neighbor and comforting him ever since Kristen Stewart smashed his heart into countless pieces and is cajoling him with tales of being the next Tom Cruise or John Travolta. Run Robert run!

An eyewitness told the National Enquirer that Kirstie’s white Lexus was parked outside Rob’s house on July 25 – around the time he reportedly dumped Kristen. The car eventually left later that afternoon and went straight to Scientology’s Celebrity Centre in Hollywood.

“My first thought was that it was really unusual,” the eyewitness told the magazine. “I didn’t get a good look at the driver except that I noticed that the person had a lot of hair – so it was probably female. “

Apparently Rob is just the kind of person Scientology’s looking for. “The church of Scientology would love to have Rob in the fold,” Amy Scobee, formerly a high-ranking Scientologist, told the Enquirer. “He’s the ideal candidate for Scientology. The church believes that everyone has a situation they can help them with, and they prey on people in their weak moments. Since he’s going through a bad breakup, it would be perfect timing for them to step in and ‘help.’ And, if Kirstie’s a friend and neighbor, he might listen to her.”

God damn you Kristen Stewart! If your selfish and slutty ways drive Robert to Scientology I will never forgive you! I don’t know how many times I can type this but poor Rob! He seems like such a nice dude so how does he handle a Scientology recruitment session? I’m sure he just sat there all nice and polite while Kirstie blabbed on just waiting for her to leave. Crazyiness asside though, I bet Kirstie is awesome to have over in a crisis situation. There’s no one funnier and I’m sure she brought over some delicious sympathy food.

Nevertheless, I hope her plan was thwarted. I have no doubt Scientology would love to get their claws into a young, hot, blatantly heterosexual actor. It needs it right now. But after all that went down with Tom and Katie Holmes, who in their right minds would even consider it? Kristen Stewart is dealing with career suicide. Rob doesn’t have to join her!

Do you believe Kirstie Alley is trying to bring Rob into her fold? Is Rob just desperate enough to consider it? Scientologists pray on the weak, but after telling Kristen to move out, I’d say Rob is anything but these days.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet Pictures